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metralion requiemforasociety
Artist: Metralion
Title: Requiem For A Society
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 30th September 2021
Label: Dies Irae Records

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There are quite some bands that call themselves “Old-School”, some have the undeniable right to do so and some do not. METRALION from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil definitely have the right to be called old-school. The band is around since 1986 and the inspirations are clear: SLAYER, SLYAER and more SLAYER! there are some hardcore and crossover vibes here and there too which helps to keep the sound fresh in some ways. The riffs by Fernão Carvalho have that really intense 80’s thrash feeling that you just have to love them (the very distinctive guitar sound paired with the staccato riffs really hits all the buttons). To top it all off there is this palpable anger and despair made audible by the band, almost typical for South American bands. Most bands I reviewed from Brazil, Chile or Mexico had this very intense point of view when it comes to social injustice, politics and life itself. METRALION is part of this scene and they, too, are able to make you feel the rage. I guess songs like ‘Pigs Of Law’ don't need much of an explanation when it comes to the context of the lyrics.

Conclusion: Heavy Metal is not a business solely for young and angry people, sometimes we stay angry for a long time and sometimes a band stays angry and old-school and releases new stuff that seriously rips.

Rating: 8 / 10

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