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trueandtrue drawaline
Artist: trueandtrue
Title: Draw A Line
Genre: Indie / Post Hard-Core
Release Date: 17th March 2023
Label: Self-Released

Flash Review

A debut release is always something special - for the artist as well as the listener. TRUEANDTRUE, a newcomer Indie / Post Hard-Core band based in Oslo, Norway, are releasing their debut single ‘Draw A Line’ on 17th March. If you listen for the first time, you may feel as if you recognise the voice - which is true if you know USHIKAWA, both bands share (some of the) band members and so the vocalist Vincent Engebretsen who also wrote, produced and mixed the song. The debut release is pushing forward, fills out the room immediately, yet feels vibrant, a song that is pushing back and forward and almost exploring the environment which its blasting into. Grown-up, guitar-driven. The beginning is full of nostalgia. The vocals are clear, yet emotional from the start until the song becomes in a sense more driven, more chaotic, even more emotional, almost angry and probably desperate. ‘Draw A Line’ is organic, it lives and grows. ‘Draw A Line’ is a strong, first sign of life for the Oslo-based quartet that will present ‘Draw A Line’ among hopefully other new songs for the first time live on 1st April 2023, at Brewgata, Oslo (free entrance).

Conclusion: TRUEANDTRUE are sending out a piece which makes curious about the new paths of the musicians.

Rating: 8 / 10

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