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wilt intonothingness
Artist: Wilt
Title: Into Nothingness
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 17th March 2023
Label: self-released

Review Flash

WILT and I got acquainted over my involvement with the End Of Days Festival last year (2022). I did some PR for the Festival and contacted more or less all of the bands to make some content (some helped, some couldn’t be bothered). It quickly became obvious that the band and me were on the same page so I offered to review their new record ‘Into Nothingness’. WILT as a a band is around since 2011 and this is their second full-length output to date. Sound-wise these guys take no prisoners but they also do not indulge in fancy complexities. The band’s sound is best described as Melodic Death Metal with deep and filthy growls that sound as if Vin Diesel tried his hand in Death Metal. The songs and the lyrics of said songs are typically not your go to for a first date’s background music. ‘Dracunculus Medinensis’ for example, the lyrical theme is a song about the Medina Worm, a infestation with said parasite was a rather nasty event. Most of the songs are, sound- and text-wise, a rather dark and gruesome experience but we are metalheads so that is what we are here for.

Conclusion: If you like your Death Metal as a mix of blunt and brutal vocals and groove instrumentation that sometimes has a melodic vibe to it, this might be the right band for you.

Rating: 8 / 10

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