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crossfire troublescoming remastered
Artist: Crossfire
Title: Trouble’s Coming
Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
Release Date: 10th March 2023
Label: Heaven And Hell Records

Review Flash

And once again I sit here in my rad as fuck man-cave, listening to another band I never would have caught a whiff of without the talent of HEAVEN AND HELL’s Jeremy Golden. CROSSFIRE was a very young band that formed in 1988 shined bright for a short period of time and did split-up in 1993. The first outing of the band, the demo ‘Trouble’s Coming’ was put out on cassette in 1989 and sold out pretty fast (moving over 200 units I quite a short time). The five-piece actually had written a few dozen songs but only did put six of them on their debut. Aside from the rather heavy instrumental sound the band often sounds like a typical 80s Hair Metal band like POISON, this is due to the vocals of Scott Storch one of two brothers (guitar player Scott and vocalist Travis) that originally formed the band together with their high School friend Joel Schilling (bass). There are moments the sound reminds me of early GUNS’N’ROSES, MÖTLEY CRÜE or POISON. Even though the remaster really makes this record shine like a star, the vocals kinda stand in the way of getting a higher score from me (I really don’t like the vocals). The remastered limited CD Edition comes with a 16-page booklet, complete lyrics, a bunch of photos and a brief band bio, a new artwork from Steve Cobb and it is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Conclusion: This is for fans of hair metal and collectors that either want to own every little bit of 80s Heavy Music or are just huge fans of Heaven and Hell Records.

Rating: 7 / 10

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