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crimsondawn itcamefromthestar
Artist: Crimson Dawn
Title: It Came From The Stars
Genre: Epic Doom
Release Date: 28th April 2023
Label: Punishment 18 Records

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Every time Dario Beretta lays his hands on his trusty six-string it is as if there is a quake in the force. Every release is a must hear and a must have. Last year it was his charity project DARIAN AND FRIENDS and a year earlier it was with his other band DRAKKAR. And, of course, I try to review them all. CRIMSON DAWEN was assembled in 2005 and ‘It Came From The Stars’ is the bands fourth full-length ritual. The record starts very good with melodic mid-tempo tracks like ‘Prospero’s Castle’ and ‘The Mask Of The red Death’ and has the first peak with ‘Hunter’s Dream’ a melodic masterpiece that would suit cult bands like IRON MAIDEN very well. Cesari has moments when he sounds like a wild mix between Bruce Dickinson and OVERKILL’s Bobby Blitz and I quite like this strange sensation because it combines the best of both worlds. Even though CRIMSON DAWN is listed as an Epic Doom / Heavy Metal band in the trusty Metal Archives, this album is more on the melodic Epic Metal side of things and almost completely lacking a doom vibe which is totally ok with me. Just so you dear readers don’t expect something like CANDLEMASS. The only track that reminds me of bands like SORCERER for example is ‘Of Gods And Mortals’. The rest of the tracks is more or less like slow and really dope IRON MAIDEN tracks. I don’t know if these guys listened to a lot of New Wave of Heavy Metal stuff while writing and composing but I get vibes from SAXON as well and there is not a bad thing to say about that.

Conclusion: If you like it melodic and epic you should check this out right now!

Rating: 9 / 10

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