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3inchesofblood longliveheavymetal rerelease
Artist: 3 Inches Of Blood
Title: Long Live Heavy Metal
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 19th September 2023
Label: Golden Core

Review Flash

This originally came out eleven years ago, I was 30 when I first heard epics like ‘Metal Woman’, battle hymns like ‘My Sword Will Not Sleep’ and the unforgotten ode to Ronnie James Dio ‘Look Out’. It was believed that earth and all live on it will end that year, losing 3 INCHES OF BLOOD was nearly as crushing (well, maybe for us Metalheads). To be honest, this record has aged pretty well and I am actually excited to review this milestone and voice my opinion on this. Our beloved Canadians have set the dial to eleven when it comes to cheesy Heavy Metal epicness. Songs like ‘Metal Woman’, ‘Leather Lord’ or ‘4000 Torches’ are epic as all fuck but cheesy nevertheless, don’t get me wrong: sometimes Heavy Metal is very much like food and cheese is something that often adds a lot of taste.

I guess I listened to this a hundred times over the course of the last years, I loved it at first but it still managed to grow over time. The song that stayed for me for the longest time was and still is ‘Look Out’ as I think it is the catchiest tune on this record and my obvious love for anything Ronny James Dio surely helped to infuse this track into my very DNA (“he slayed the Dragon each and every night, it was his right” YEAH!!!) and the part with the Hammond organ just kills me every time. In short: I dearly love this record and I will fight you over it. I am very happy to finally be able to get this on vinyl and play it till it disintegrates.

Conclusion: I love it still, nothing changed about it being a 10

Rating: 10 / 10

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