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sacrifire theartofdecay
Artist: Sacrifire
Title: The Art Of Decay
Genre: Deathened Doom
Release Date: 29th September 2023
Label: Apostasy Records

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The first time I heard of SACRIFIRE was in 2020 when they unleashed their self-titled EP upon us. Now, roughly three years later, I have the first full-length, ‘The Art Of Decay’, on my desk. One of the first things you realize quite quickly when listening to these dudes is that their technicality is a huge part of their trademark sound and that, aside from the Death Metal-èsque sound, they heavily delve into the whole TYPE O NEGATIVE, SENTENCED Goth sound and mix it altogether. There are bands that want too much and fail miserably because they try to incorporate too much influences into a very complex or too simple superstructure, SACRIFIRE are not one of those bands. Songs like ‘Emptiness’ show that you don’t have to write a nine-minute opus to show your skills, the music is consolidated yet complex enough to never get dull. The Goth / Doom vibe that is mostly in the able hands of vocalist Dirk Weiß also adds a nice note that I don’t hear that often as most Death Doom bands mix moody music with growls (which is also nice but very common). All in all, I think this is a good approach to the subgenre, as it feels thrilling and fresh to me.

Conclusion: Like Pete Steele’s timbre and badass riff-based metal on top? Buy this already!

Rating: 8 / 10

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