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tales of mike landscapeofsorrow
Artist: Tales Of Mike
Title: Landscape Of Sorrow
Genre: Epic Doom
Release Date: 8th August 2023
Label: self-released

Review Flash

The premise of Epic Doom as a subgenre and Doom itself as a musical headline is and always was bleakness, sorrow and trauma but the story TALES OF MIKE is about to tell in this 14:08 minutes is as grim and emotionally scarring as it gets. From the abuse-ridden childhood of Michael and his late brother Markus by the hands of a nun to witnessing children taking their lives in the catholic children's home the brothers lived at. The peak of suffering seemed to come in form of Markus’ death by cancer which led to Michael and his daughter creating the music I am listening to right now. Gonzalo Civita is the vocalist on all three songs and he really nails it on every track, from clean passages to scream and growls he really lets you feel the pain and anger that was felt during this ordeal. If I have to name a band that embodies the vibe of ‘Landscape Of Sorrow’ I would probably say INSOLITUDE AETERNUS and, in parts, SENTENCED. This is just a short EP but the track ‘RIP (Landscape Of Sorrow)’ is something that makes you feel things and I am all here for content that moves me so I really like what Michael created here even if the reason for this creation is not a wholesome one.

Conclusion: For people that sometimes need a little self-chosen suffering through music.

Rating: 8 / 10

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