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porcupinetreeparadiso5.jpgParadiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
April 10th 2005
Porcupine Tree and Anathema

We arrived at the Paradiso around 18.30h where several fans had already lined up to find a good spot watching their favourite bands. People were talking full of excitement, waiting for the doors to open, we heard a lot of different languages, which indicates that a lot of fans had travelled far to see their favourite band

Kamelot_1.jpgZeche, Bochum, Germany
April 4th 2005
Kamelot, Kotipelto and Epica

"We're siiiinging in the rain" - I sure expected a different soundtrack standing in line (and in the rain) together with about 60 heavy metal fans, waiting for the doors to open. The rain did not make the doormen open earlier, so that we finally entered the small hall of the Zeche wet, grungy and full of anticipation. As the first band started to play at 7 p.m. the room was not even halfway filled, the starting time of the concert being communicated as 8 p.m.

wtpaard6.jpg‘T Paard, Den Haag, The Netherlands
April 8th 2005
Within Temptation and Autumn

On this cold Friday evening Within Temptation and Autumn performed in ‘t Paard who had just won the price for night temple of the year 2005 which is of course a great honour. After waiting in line in the cold it was time to enter the venue. All bags were turned inside out and bottles of water were confiscated and never to be returned. Security made sure all was safe and checked. The entire venue was sold out and everybody was looking forward to the show.

De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
April 5th 2005
Kamelot, Epica and Kotipelto

Fans were already waiting in line when the doors opened for this final concert of the tour of these three bands. After this night their roads were to part again so it was time for a party and have some fun while they could.

MorbidAngel07.jpgRockefeller & John Dee, Oslo, Norway
March 24-26th, 2005
Nebular Mystic, Mortiis, Lamented Souls, Amon Amarth, Hatesphere, Morbid Angel, Grimfist, Deceiver, Aura Noir, Zeenon, Arcturus, Nattefrost, Obliteration, Grave, Gehenna, Sunn0))), Dissection

Norwegian Inferno Festival has under its five year long lifespan grown to become one of the most interesting among the Scandinavian metal festivals. Each year they have an interesting array of excellent bands, spanning most genres of extreme metal. I had my first visit last year and I just had to come back for another serving this

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