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imperia2005peppelzeist_end024.jpgDe Peppel, Zeist, The Netherlands
March 18th 2005
Imperia and Asrai

By the time the doors of the Peppel opened a small crowd had gathered and due to the last winter cold and the promise of a great concert they were all eager to get in. It was not a busy night but the mood was right and the crowd was ready to be entertained.

Megaherz.jpgKaiserslautern, Kammgarn – Cotton Club
March 24th 2005
Megaherz and Die!

Megaherz rocking the cotton club, supported by Die!
As we arrived at the Kammgarn in Kaiserslautern at 8 pm, loud music came out of the club.  We where surprised to find “Die!” on stage to support Megahertz, which wasn’t  announced at Kammgarns website. Coming inside we passed directly through the club to stage to see the band.

erasure_intro.jpgE-Werk, Cologne, Germany
March 28th 2005
Erasure, Client and Piney Gir

Who doesn´t know the 80s pop legend "Erasure" famous for hits like "Stop", "Sometimes", "Oh L´amour" or "Chorus"? Too many to mention them all. And quite incredible that the band is still alive and vivid after all that years just releasing the new album "Nightbird". Now it was finally time for me to see the heroes of synthetic pop live... supported by the synth-electro-clash band "Client" - who are signed at Andrew Fletcher´s (Depeche Mode keyboarder) label "Toast Hawaii" - and "Piney Gir".

zeraphine_intro.jpgRiff, Bochum, Germany
March 27th 2005
Zeraphine and LAB

Right after we were arriving at the airport in Dortmund, after a short holiday, we drove to Bochum to see "Zeraphine". I know the music of that band quite well so I knew what to expect there. But I had no idea what music the support act "LAB" would perform. I only knew the single "When Heaven Gets Dirty" from the video shown on TV.

As we arrived around 7 at the venue, quite a queue of people was already standing there. We met some people we know there and talked a while before we went into the club and made our way to the 1st row, in front of the stage.

T Podium, Hardenberg, The Netherlands
March 8th 2005
Europe and SQY

Titles like ‘Cherokee’ and ‘The Final Countdown’ will probably ring a bell. In the eighties they were ever so popular. What happened to them? They are still going strong, rocking on as if their lives depend on it. This evening they were rocking the night in Hardenberg.

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