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nw_intro.jpgArena, Trier, Germany
Februari 22nd 2005
Nightwish and Tristania

Outside it was frosty and inside there were fire & water. That´s how you could describe the “Nightwish” show in Trier. About 4700 people were running to the “Arena” to see “Tristania” & “Nightwish” this night. The venue was full with fans waiting for the show.

I have to confess, that I never have seen any Nightwish show and  I was dying to see them live.

JV Unitas, Wageningen, The Netherlands
February 5th 2005
Ancient Rites

Ancient Rites is a melodic metal band from Belgium. The live CD, “The hordes stood as one” is from 2002 and they are busy with a new CD. It was a long time ago that Ancient Rites gave a concert in Holland.

E-Werk, Cologne, Germany
Cradle of Filth, Moonspell

As bizarre as the band itself, are their fans. So more than 2000 people with black and white painted faces made their way to see "Cradle of Filth" in Cologne.

tiamat2005tilburg013_end040.jpg013, Tilburg, the Netherlands
January 6th 2005
Tiamat, Theatre of Tragedy, Pain and Sirenia

It is obvious in this tour that Swedish bands get along well. Sirenia, Pain, Theatre of Tragedy and Tiamat all have something to connect them to this country. Maybe that’s why this evening has a rather dark atmosphere. Tiamat is the band which lifts this atmosphere to a higher level and makes the entire audience get goose bumps. They may have been around for a while but the bombast and charisma is so obvious.
Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
Tristania, Moondust

After supporting Nightwish on their 2005 concerts in big arenas, the Norwegian metal band "Tristania", discovered quite the opposite of a huge audience in Krefeld: much less people in a smaller venue. "Moondust", a local newcomer gothic/metal band, supported "Tristania".

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