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epica2005groeneengeloss_end019.jpgDe Groene Engel, Oss, The Netherlands
February 26th 2005
Epica, Asrai

While snow was falling outside an anxious crowd waited for the doors to open to the concert hall of the Groene Engel (green angel). The atmosphere was really friendly everybody was there with the same purpose; seeing and enjoying Epica and Asrai.

Eisenlager, Oberhausen, Germany
10th March 2005
Combichrist, Amduscia

It´s quite a good thing to combine these two acts for one concert. Andy La Plegua with his industrial-electro project "CombiChrist" and the Mexican electro band "Amduscia" fit very good together.

tristania2005w2denbosch_end109.jpgW2, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
February 20th 2005
Tristania and Nemesea

This is the day that many people were waiting for. Tristania is on tour with their new record “Ashes” and for the first time they will be a headliner in the Netherlands. It seems the band has brought the cold of Norway with them, but it has no influence on the people who are waiting outside. It is a bit strange to have a concert at three ’o clock in the afternoon, but they have coffee so I’ve go the time to get into the mood. Soon the venue is full of excited people and the atmosphere is very good.

schandm_intro.jpg Losheim, Eisenbahnhalle, Germany
February, 25th 2005

A crowd is queuing up in front of the Eisenbahnhalle in Losheim. “Schandmaul” follow through with something no one has expected: some unplugged concerts. All big Schandmaul songs and even some new songs were presented in a new way. On their acoustic tour, “Schandmaul” shows in an impressive way which potential they have given to any of their songs.

nightwish2005oktoberhallenwieze_end120.jpgOktoberhallen, Wieze, Belgium
February 21st 2005
Nightwish and Tristania

This was a day I always want to remember. Two of my favourite gothmetal bands share the big stage in Belgium. But like with every ‘golden’ day, even this one had some little spots; the venue wasn’t that nice. The stage was big and beautiful, but the wooden floor and the high roof made it very cold. The sound wasn’t perfect either and I had flashbacks to the summer festivals. Although the conditions were not fantastic the show was impressive and made me forget everything else.

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