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_DSC1162_2.jpgKB, Malmö, Sweden
10th March 2005
Der Plan, Plastic Planet

A small feast for old school synthpop lovers as Der Plan enters the stage at KB, with a localized show. Right after the audience had been treated a warm-up show by a reunited Plastic Planet, just for the evening - or will we see more?

tanzwuttivoli17.jpgTivoli de Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands
March 5th 2005
Tanzwut and Sylver Myst

It was a cold and slippery evening but everybody arrived in one piece. At first you come in to the entrance hall where you can hang your coat, have a drink, check out the merchandise and warm up before entering the concert hall. Everybody seemed exited and ready to start the Summer Darkness kick off party!

La_Loco_15.jpgLa Loco, Paris, France
March 1st 2005
Lycosia, MXD, Crack Ov Dawn, Zuul FX

This night, for the first time, French label Equilibre Music organized a festival to promote four of their bands: Electronic MXD, Shock Pop Crack Ov Dawn, powerful Zuul FX and the self declared Glam Goth Deluxe Lycosia. Four bands and four musical directions, to illustrate the diversity of the label.

S4.jpgSchleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
February 28th 2005
Nightwish and Tristania

It is the last show for Nightwish from their European ‘Once’ tour and it will be a special night. It’s the fist time that there were so many people in one venue to see Nightwish. More than 10.000 arrived this Monday evening to see the show. For me it was long ride, more than 7 hours till we arrived at the venue. It was a very chaotic day because I had to arrange so many things and everything was not going very well. I was a bit nervous because we had to wait so long before we got in, but after all I can say that is was more than worth it!
tanzwut2005patronaathaarlem_end005.jpgHet Patronaat, Haarlem, The Netherlands
March 3rd 2005

On a day of heavy snowfall and transportation troubles a small crowd managed to find their way to the Patronaat, even all the way from England and Germany, to see a magnificent performance of Tanzwut. While it was freezing outside, inside people were dancing, laughing and singing.

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