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tiefenrausch_intro.jpgMatrix, Bochum, Germany
February 15th 2005
Joachim Witt, Nik Page, Angelzoom

During the “Tiefenrausch” tour 3 different artists – “Joachim Witt”, electro-metal inspired “Nik Page” and “Claudia Uhle” (“Anglezoom”) with her angel like voice – came together to perform an extraordinary set of music where their own songs were mixed with a few cover versions from artist like “Depeche Mode” or “Deine Lakaien”. Musically supported by musicians from “Letzte Instanz” (violin and cello) and from the band “Silly” (drums, guitar, bass) as well as “Dara Pain” from Nik Page´s band (“The Sacrifice Army”) and an additional singer (Nadja) they played for about 2:45 hours.
nightwish2004arenaoberhausen_end129.jpgKönig Pilsner Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
December 28th 2004
Nightwish, Oomph, Apoptyga Bezerk, Tiamat, Suicide Comando, After Forever, Secret Discovery, Angelzoom
The big hall from the Köning Pilsner Arena is filled with a lot of Nightwish fans. A lot of teenagers are standing in the front for the whole day waiting for the headliner, others are relaxing elsewhere. The atmosphere is very relaxed and people really seem to enjoy it.  It isn’t that massive as the impression was on the outside. Who never saw the arena: it’s like a big city. A big hall with little stalls for food and drinks around it. The evening is in the hands of a German celebrity. She also introduced the bands at Mera Luna and now she’s here as well.

013, Tilburg, Netherlands
November 2nd 2004
Therion, Tristania, Trail of Tears

It’s been a while since there was a good gothic concert. Many people were looking forward to seeing Therion on stage again. For others, like me, it was the rebirth of Tristania which caused high expectations. Anyways, on this Tuesday night the venue was loaded.

epica2005hedonzwolle_end020.jpgHedon, Zwolle, The Netherlands
January 28th 2005
Even Vast, Taste of Insanity, Van Katoen, Epica and Day 6

It the second time that Eric Gijsen arranged a festival where all the money went to research for better medication against cancer. This year 1824, 35 euro was collected. Unfortunatly headliner Orphanage had to cancel the show because the drummer was ill. They found a new headliner and it was still a very good day after all.

the69eyes_Intro.jpgLive Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
February 13th 2005
The 69 Eyes and The Others

One thing you have to admit: "The 69 Eyes" are real posers... fullfilling all the imaginations you might have about gothic rock. But they are good in doing that. So good that it is real fun watching them performing on stage.
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