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Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht, The Netherlands
7th of December 2007
Emilie Autumn, Lucas Lanthier

It was a cold evening but the Helling was buzzing with excitement. There was a row out on the street, the concert was sold out and that showed. It took quite some time to get in but once inside there was room enough for all, luckily. There were many young people this evening.

Lucas Lanthier

The evening started with a special guest namely: Lucas Lanthier. He had already started playing when we finally got in. There was a row out on the street. One man on stage, with his acoustic guitar. With two tiny pony tails and an outfit that looked somewhat like a kimono he sung his songs. He has a very narrative way of singing, really telling us a story. He reminds me of a minstrel from the old days. He has a theatrical way of presenting himself, with a high voice even some high screams. Since he is the vocalist of Cinema Strange he ended the show with one of their songs.

Emilie Autumn

With her Asylum tour part 1 Emilie attended Utrecht tonight. The concert was completely sold out and that was noticeable for there were long lines for everything. Luckily the air-conditioning worked well.  A table filled with probably the strangest merchandise you have ever seen was set up in the hall. There are some limited merchandise items available on this tour which can differ at every show.

The show consisted mostly of song from the latest 'Opheliac' album. Which was the album most of the visitors knew by heart for they were singing along every single song. This to the pleasure of Emilie (my ears beg to differ this pleasure though). Songs sound less organised than on the album. The sound was a bit off this evening, at times Emilie could hardly be heard and only her lovely ladies were heard. Besides this the sound was just fine this evening. Emilie has several voices she can use to sing; a very girl like little voice, a normal voice and grunts. During 'Liar' Emilie grunts to emphasise the emotion of the song (when doing this her hands become metal horns). Unlike last time I saw her live there were now two extra vocals in stead of one. Later on we are told that her usual extra singer has broken part of her back. After this the audience is asked to replace her by singing along loudly because she used to sing loud as well. Two times during the show Emilie gave an extensive violin solo with her (of course) black and white striped guitar, at times this almost sounded like an electric guitar.

The show started with an empty stage, well no performers on stage. Songs from the past were heard with funny lyrics such as “All the flowers have extraordinary powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours” and “Night time is always better than day time, it's always a gay time when you're in love”. During these songs there was a 'window' of cloth lit at the side of the stage and behind it there was the shadow of a rat. This 'window of shadows' was used many more times during the show. The ladies often started behind this 'window' giving us a shadow 'puppet' show and then slowly revealed them selves and entered the stage. Emilie has a fun way of addressing the audience, with a childlike innocence. She threw a bone in to the audience, hitting a lamp. The she told us “I will always remember this as the night that my secret talents were discovered, I should have played basketball and get rich” Tea is often drunk on stage from the little tea cups which also belong to the Emilie merchandise. This evening however it turned out that normally this isn't tea for Emilie was quite surprised to actually find this warm liquid in her cup instead of something stronger. All ladies are dressed in a semi Victorian style, with the additional hearts, stripes and ribbons. At first they all wear skirts but these come off during the show revealing wonderful stockings and other underwear. It was a successful evening and to the pleasure of many she came to her merchandise stand after the show to sign.

Set list
01. 4 O'Clock
02. Opheliac
03. Swallow
04. Liar
05. The Art of Suicide
06. I Want My Innocence Back
07. Instrumental
08. God Help Me
09. Misery Loves Company
10. Dead is the New Alive
11. Let the Record Show
12. Instrumental
13. Mad girl
14. Thank God I'm Pretty

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 6
Light: 7
Total: 8

Photography and copyright: Monica Duffels
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