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Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands
31st of October 2008
Emilie Autumn

The final night of October, time for the Emilie Autumn concert in Utrecht. This night was special for another reason, it was Halloween. Because of Emilie's habit to call her audience muffins, there were girls passing out muffins. Other candy was passed out during the concert as well and paper plague rats. The audience was dressed up lovely but the ladies on stage… they looked even better and they had the attitude and the sound to match it!

Music & Performance
Before the curtain opened old cabaret music sounded through the venue as always. Then the curtain opens and one by one the ladies appear behind the shadow screen. The audience was screaming loudly, especially when Emilie appears with a special mask for the evening. Two new ladies took to the stage tonight, or at least ladies that haven't been to the Netherlands that often: Contessa and the Captain. The show started at tea time '4 O'Clock' to be exact. Tea bags were dipped in to their little tea cups and they burned! There were more fire effects this evening. Contessa didn't seem completely at ease during the first part of the show. She was acting in stead of being. But when she came out with her two torches, the stage was hers. She danced with the flames, and then ate them!

and taped it for youtube. It did have to be a girl who had never kissed another girl before.
The Captain also seemed out of place at first but her moment(s) to shine also came. During 'God Help Me' she appeared to be drunk and went crazy, spitting booze over the audience and emptying tea cups over the audience. This all build up to a stage dive!
Twice during the show the tape with the music got stuck. This was immediately solved by the ladies, they just danced to the repeating sound of the tape until the problem was solved.
Veronica took every chance she got to kiss girls from the audience because according to her girls in the Netherlands look way better than girls in the USA.  They even brought one girl up on the stage. At one point during the show Emilie send all the girls to the dressing room so she could "practice" her violin play, because otherwise she hardly has time for this. When the ladies came back they were all dressed in nightgowns. Emilie was helped into hers on stage.

A new song was added to the set list: 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The lighting during this song was brilliant, it resembled the actual Queen video. This was not the only cover of the evening because after this 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' was sung. In between singing they had a pillow fight on stage. The closing song of the evening, which was whistled along to by many was 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life'. After this song the curtains closed, but not for long. Veronica and Emilie came back to dance for a bit and exchange some kisses!
When the show was truly over there was a signing session and the entire group stayed until each and every fan had their autographs!!

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 6
Total: 8 (8,1)

Photography & copyright: Monica Duffels -


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