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Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
25th of April 2008
Emilie Autumn, Sieben

About two hours before the show started people started lining up in front of the venue. They even brought picknicks and blankets. They all wanted to make sure they would be in front of the stage during the show. Because that is where you get special attention from the ladies on stage. In the hallway of the Effenaar the special Emilie merchandise was already waiting to be sold. Besides shirts and albums there is jewellery, and other accessories.


Sieben was the opening act for this evening. A one man violin show. Although the name might sound German he is from the UK. He guided Emilie on her European tour and will be back to play for us at the Summer Darkness festival in August.

Music & performance
Even though Sieben only plays violin he can make an entire orchestra appear because of the loop button he uses. He first sets the beat with either strings, taps on his guitar of even his voice. Then he adds the melody himself with either vocal or guitar. Overall it is a relaxing sound but it can be very intense as well. He has good interaction with the audience. He gave an intimate performance as if he was playing in our living rooms. Because many Emilie fans also love Sieben he was the perfect opening act for this evening.

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Light: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7

Emilie Autumn

Back again after a great performance in December. Emilie has quite the fan base here in the Netherlands. It's a shame she always chooses the smaller venues, she could surely fill up the big ones. But it does keep it more intimate and special. Which is an absolute must with Emilie concerts.

Apart from some microphone squeaks the sound was great this evening. The balance between vocals and music was just right and earplugs were not necessary. The show started with the new single and then 'Opheliac' which her album was named after. With both backing vocalists there the songs all sounded as they should. For this show Emilie even adapted some songs.
'Fairytale' for instance was played in a slow version this evening, making it sound like an entirely new song and 'Shallot' was speeded up. Emilie has a lot of diversity in her voice, she can sing, scream and even grunt. During 'Liar' all these aspects of her voice come out and the audience is always more than happy to join her.

The stage was of course wonderfully decorated as always. Two screens on the side and in the middle there was Emilie's piano. At the top of the two screens and in the middle of the stage there were clocks which all showed it was 4 o'clock. Apperantly 4 o'clock is tea time in the Emilie universe. First the 4 other ladies entered the stage and then Emilie appeared as a shadow behind one of the screens. Once they were all on stage it was time for a cup of tea. 3 ladies dipped tea bags in to their cup, one however dipped a rat... Emilie was surprised to see so many familiar faces from the December concert. She would have expected them to all have died of the plague by now. The ladies were excited to be here tonight, in more ways then one. Many kisses were exchanged with ladies in the audience. I guess many  men were disappointed this evening. The ladies just like ladies. There was great interaction with the audiences (besides the kissing). Even when a girl fainted in the front row they brought her water and fanned her with their fans.
Beware if you ever come to a show: bring chocolate. Emilie had the audience take a note of that. Suicide is their favorite subject, leeches are their favorite animal and don't forget: dead is the new alive! This was a great coincidence since April the 25th is 'fake your own death day'. So every time the word dead was sung we were all supposed to fake our own deaths.
The entire Emilie show is a dress up, tea, kiss, music, laughter party. And at the end of the show they performed a cover of the most fitting song for this evening: 'Girls Just Wanna HaveFun' and they do. Come and see for yourself!

Set list
01. 4 O'clock
02. Opheliac
03. Swallow
04. Shallot
05. Suicide
06. I Want My Innocence Back
07. Unlaced
08. Misery Loves Company
09. Dead Is The New Alive
10. Liar
11. Face The Wall
12. Mad Girl
13. Fairytale
14. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
15. God Help Me

Music: 8
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 7
Total: 9 (8,8)

Photography & copyright: Monica Duffels -


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