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K17, Berlin, Germany
17th October 2008
EMILIE AUTUMN – Alice in Victorian Wonderland

The richly talented, innovative pink-red-haired princess of "victoriandustrial" EMILIE AUTUMN (born September 22 1979 in Malibu, California) is back on tour. Brought up as a concert violinist since age of four, and trained in conservatoires around the world as a performer, composer, conductor, and music historian, Emilie's bizarre background is the element that makes her music so exceptional. Her second full-length non-classical offering entitled, ‘Opheliac’ is a concept album about women, water, suicide and "I Want My Innocence Back".

When Emilie Autumn is not recording or touring, she designs for "Mistress", her own fashion and fragrance line for her own indie-couture company, WillowTech House. But “Thank God...” she is back again after a great performance in December 2007. Tonight she´s entered the stage together with her entourage - the Bloody Crumpets: Little Miss Sugarless, Blessed Contessa, Mistress Maggot, Aprella und Veronica.

Music & Performance
It´s 8 o´clock - the arrival of Bloody Crumpets on stage. ‘Best Safety Lies in Fear’ was the soundtrack to introduce the crumpets visually. Every deadly beautiful girl danced around the stage performing a choreographed burlesque routine. I didn´t know where to look at first. Definitely I need more than two eyes to get all these fantastic impressions! Next time! Last but not least Emilie entered the K17 stage. The show has begun! Not even the show started very early, also stunning songs like ‘Opheliac’ and ‘Liar’. Emilie´s voice sounded truly angry throughout the entire songs.

Okay, apparently there was a lack of instruments - the sound was provided by a backing track of original music in combination with live keyboard and an amazing electric violin play and her unquestionably perfect voice - the best instrument. But who cares? EMILIE AUTUMN live on stage is not a conventional concert – it´s a kittenish act, an outstanding show. What a stage! I felt like I´m in a theatre. Some decoration details? Here they are: The clock in front of is set to “4 o´clock”. All is covered up with lavish cloth & ribbon and cute details to dream and play in a Victorian tea saloon, kind of. A painted curtain in the middle gives the illusion of a mirror and allowed silhouettes to be seen - spotlights were shined behind them. A nice effect during the very welcome electric violin solo play ‘Face the Wall’ at the second half of the set. That illustrates the artist's virtuosity, not only in a musically way but also in visual effects to create perfect illusions.

An apology she has to practise her violin play on stage ´cause she is touring and for that reason no time or place to practise anywhere else than on stage was a bling-bling charming introducing of the song. She (and her lovely entourage) performed with the intent to perform. You can see it and feel it. There is no limitation of what can happen on stage. The Asylum theme was presented very well by the choice of the song. If I could make a wish it would be more of her stunning violin-play... The finale included the new release: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, which both fitted very, very - did I say very before? very well. The girls signed off with ‘Thank God I´m pretty’. Indeed - EMILIE AUTUMN is pretty and pretty much entirely insane and so f****** gorgeous!

Berlin K17 was left after two hours with the warm kiss of a Victorian girl’s burlesque tea party and yes...girls, just wanna have fun! My head is painting hundreds of hearts. Highly recommended!

With chocolate kisses, S.

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 9 / 10

All pictures by Nadine Ginzel (

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