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introMatrix, Bochum, Germany
13th March 2012
Emilie Autumn

Ready from the tender age of 4 years, she‘s been trained to be concert violinist, composer and musical historian and at the age of 18, she already parted ways with her first label and released her violin debut ‘On a day…’ under the moniker of Traitor Records, the label she’s running to the present day. These can only be some little key points within the extraordinary and iridescent career of the creative individual that operates under the alias EMILIE AUTUMN. Her music and the prose she’s recorded until now breathe a special air, driven by the passion and devotion she’s putting into all she does, a spirit that hasn’t gotten an ounce weaker through all the time. Her newest release is revealed to have the name ‘Fight Like A Girl’. / /


Music & Performance

The asylum for wayward Victorian girls once more opened its gates and allowed a few inmates… pardon patients to roam the clubs of Bochum. They specifically chose the Matrix club this time to hold a celebration of madness and since these opportunities are rare, quite a few people came to see them. So you can imagine how packed the venue was. First we were tormented with vintage music before the rattling of the asylum gate announced the show’s start. Not unlike ballet dancers the girls appeared on stage, dressed in the usual colourful costumes. The mask Emilie herself entered the stage with was more like an abstraction of an Egyptian goddess and ‘Safety Lies In Fear’ was her entrance music. After the girls had some fun on stage chief physician of the asylum Dr. Stockhill made his introduction speech and while at it, he left no doubt that he is just as nuts as the girls are. On the show went with a few more pieces that drove everybody to rave applause.


What I missed a little up to this point was the latent theatrical element which otherwise was a fundamental part of the show. But finally, Capt. Maggot introduced her fellow inmates and of course her-confused-self. Before a little music took the plot forwards and as the girls are generous, they shared their tea with the audience. But beware; you never know what they were brewing this tea with… ‘Take The Pill’ then brought apocalyptic visions of a broken soul to the auditorium while a song like ‘Liar’ introduced by a rocking violin performance was of a rebellious kind and ‘Girls Girls Girls’ was like a musical song gone crazy and received a speedy removal to the asylum. Following this, the ‘Rat Game’ was on and the crowd more willing to participate and Victoria lured one girl on stage to get her daily injection of girl love. For everyone it was just big fun to be part of the show. It’s just the fact that an EMILIE AUTUMN show is more than a mere concert. It’s a bizarre fashion show, a theatre play, an extroverted manifestation o f a creative mind.


01. Safety Lies In Fear
02. 4 O’Clock
03. Dr. Stockhill (Speech)
04. Fight Like A Girl
05. Time For Tea
06. Art Of Suicide
07. Take The Pill
08. How To Break A Heart Poem
09. Liar
10. God Help Me
11. Dominant
12. Girls Girls Girls
13. Rat Game
14. Gears
15. We Want Them Young
16. Gaslight
17. One Foot
18. Madgirl
19. Thank God

Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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