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vnv_intro.jpgKulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
April 22nd 2005
VNV Nation, Diorama and Soman

We arrived at about 19.30 in Krefeld... just 30 minutes before the doors should open. There were just a lot of people waiting. Short before 20.00 a guy came out of the venue to hang up a sign that says entrance at 20.30. We all were wondering and then someone told us that the band was more then 4 hours late because of a huge traffic jam on the highway. So everything that evening was delayed. And later we should recognize some more problems due to that delay...

Lordi_RoD_Intro.jpgTrabendo, Paris, France
April 13th 2005

Lordi, a monsters’ quintet from Finland, plays a kind of hard FM which reminded me of Europe or Kiss to quote famous bands from this genre as examples. The band is composed by Amen, the mummified guitarist, Kalma, the zombie bass player, Kita, the alien drummer and Enary, the Valkyrie goddess keyboardist, all lead by the almighty and evil Lordi, a red-eyed giant monster-singer dressed in armour.

porcupinetree2005013tilburg_end095.jpg013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
April 11th 2005
Porcupine Tree and Anathema

While summer is peeking round the corner a huge crowd gathered in the 013 in Tilburg. Ages were differing from around 20 to somewhere around 60 but they all came to listen to the same music. While walking through the crowd one thing stood out, a lot of people wore Pink Floyd shirts. It was no surprise that Anathema played a Pink Floyd cover.

Hard Rock John, Tholey-Sotzweiler, Germany
April 9th 2005
Elis, Visions of Atlantis, Lyriel

On stage tonight: three bands of the 'Gothic Metal Genre'. It’s supposed to become a varied, enjoyable evening. Each of the bands provided with a female 'frontman'. All Bands are similar in appearance but different in sound and performance.

epica2005doornroosjenijmegen_end231.jpgDoornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
April 15th 2005
Epica and Nemesea

Walking up to the beautifully painted Doornroosje I saw there was a very long row outside, it seemed this was going to be quite a crowded concert but all in all there was room for everyone. Inside there was an intimate and nice atmosphere, many were meeting friends and familiar faces from former concerts. Temperature was rising quickly. And fans were screaming to hear their favourite bands. Then finally at nine it was time…

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