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W2, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
April 23rd 2005
Corvus Corax and Omnia

Arriving one hour before the opening of the venue, the members of Corvus Corax were still eating, cozy together at one table. Arriving so early was necessary because there was an interview planned, which took place with 3 members. The interview itself was very relaxing and ended just in time to see Omnia perform. Coming inside the venue again there were all kinds of people, some dressed just in jeans and some really put in an effort. Also one of the first things noticed were the people who had the same facial drawings as Omnia, so that it was clear which band they really wanted to see.
Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
May 2nd 2005

After a tour of 30 days with Porcupine Tree, Anathema was finally doing a 2-hour headliner show again. I went to see them in Biebob, a little venue in Vosselaar, Belgium. It’s amazing how a band like Anathema is able to change a truly lousy day into something beautiful.
The trip to the Biebob was all but pleasant thanks to the Dutch railroads, and when on top of that your name is kicked off the guest list by a cranky venue employee the evening doesn’t really start as planned. Luckily there are always people you can count on for help (big thanks to Jamie)

De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
April 29th 2005
After Forever and NovAct

It was 29th of May; 17.30 o’clock when André decided that he was feeling good enough to join me to the After Forever gig in Zoetermeer. After a couple of phone calls and cheerful laughter of Bas on the phone we had arranged that we could get in. Only we were a bit too late to see After Forever’s new support act NovAct.

Mezz, Breda, The Netherlands
April 29th 2005
Epica and Chillburn

After two hours by train and 10 minutes by bus I finally arrived at the Mezz in Breda. It is a beautiful building to see; round shapes made of curved wooden planks and different kinds of light decorations inside. This evening the building was filled with exited Epica fans, waiting to see their favourite band perform and perhaps even hear some new songs live…..

La Loco, Paris, France
April 23rd 2005
Pain Of Salvation and Dark Suns

The Locomotive (La Loco) is a small venue in the Pigalle neighbourhood, very near to the famous Montmartre hill, (just a few hundred meters southwest from it) It is not unusual for metal events, but it's actually not a real concert venue, rarely used for that purpose, though the sound can be very good. It's in fact used as a night club with 3 different floors, and there  are sort of balconies on the sides and stairs far from the scene, but from the balconies you can get a clean view over the stage.

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