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carlosperon elevendeadlysins
Artist: Carlos Peron
Title: 11 Deadly Sins
Genre: Electronic / Soundtrack
Release Date: 25th November 2011
Label: Membran Entertainment

Album Review

Aside from CARLOS PERON rising to fame as being a founding member of YELLO whom he departed from in 1984 to pursue other project, he became a big name within the erotic music scene. Especially the soundtrack ‘Terminatrix’ should ring a bell with many people. Personally, it’s my first time hearing this, but then again I haven’t dealt that closely with this scene admittedly. Anyway, over the years he’s released several full-lengths with erotic music and 2011 is the year he’s bringing to fans and admirers the box ‘11 Deadly Sins’, comprising actually eleven albums he did over the years. Since this isn’t a one-in-a-million box release we’re talking about here there’s a little more to it than just11 CDs in a box. It all is enclosed in elaborate packaging, filled with selected photos, mostly black and white depictions. All those pictures were taken by Wolfgang Eichler, a renowned and well-respected artist when it comes to erotic photography. He manages to add a certain atmosphere to the pictures, something that is radiating a seductive elegance.

Now we’ve been talking a lot about what’s inside the b ox but didn’t get to talk a little about the music itself. So let’s take a few tracks as an example, shall we? We’re starting off with ‘La Comtesse Rouge’, carried by a slightly muffled beat and enriched with a series of samples and field recordings that add a lot to the tracks dark and sensual atmosphere. ‘La Salle Violette’ on the other hand uses weird and sometimes creepy textures to create nightmarish environments. Overall this one is much more about atmosphere than anything else. ‘La Salle Blanche’ is taking us back into medieval times and a French spoken-word creates the right mood before the rhythm kicks in and demands that you dance to it in dim flashes of light in a club. ‘Lucifer der Stoltz’ presents layered but strangely danceable rhythms and again there’s an ominous feeling that overcomes you as soon as the tracks kicks off. ‘Sweet Torture’ is the end of our journey. It is more of a sinister collage getting to you with its samples spreading dark lust and creating desire. Compared to others this song is rather calm and almost contemplative, filled with melancholy moods. If that little excursion made you curious about the release you may be interested to know it’s coming out tomorrow and wants to be explored.


Carlos Peron


Cover Picture

carlosperon elevendeadlysins


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Artwork: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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