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bloodbath grandmorbidfuneral
Artist: Bloodbath
Title: Grand Morbid Funeral
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 21st November 2014
Label: Peaceville Records

Album Review

Six years after their last album, Anders and Jonas from KATATONIA are back with a new BLOODBATH album. In this album we have a big “transfer” behind the microphone: Nick Holmes from PARADISE LOST is the singer on this album. The music of the album is old school Death Metal. It's not technical like 'The Fathomless Mastery', we can say that is closer to 'Resurrection Through Carnage'. Something which makes the album even more old school is the guest appearances of Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler from US Death metallers AUTOPSY. About Nick's vocals we can say that he is not bad but if you listen carefully even if the production is focused on his voice you can understand that this kind of vocals is not his favorite style anymore.

Best tracks of the album are the sick and powerful 'Let The Stillborn Come To Me', the speedy 'Unite In Pain' with the great work on lead guitar and the classic BLOODBATH old school Death Metal tracks 'Anne', 'Church Of Vastitas' and the album’s title track 'Grand Funeral Morbid'. 'Grand Funeral Morbid' is not the best BLOODBATH album but it's a very good Death Metal album and also Nick Holmes’ return to his Death Metal roots makes it even more attractive for all the Metal fans.


01. Let The Stillborn Come to Me
02. Total Death Exhumed
03. Anne
04. Church Of Vastitas
05. Famine Of God’s Word
06. Mental Abortion
07. Beyond Cremation
08. His Infernal Necropsy
09. Unite In Pain
10. My Torturer
11. Grand Morbid Funeral


Old Nick – Vocals
Blakkheim – Guitar
Sodomizer – Guitar
Lord Seth – Bass
Axe – Drums


Cover Picture

bloodbath grandmorbidfuneral


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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