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autoclav11 werewolf
Artist: Autoclav1.1
Title: Werewolf Country
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 9th June 2015
Label: WTII Records

Album Review

For years and years, Tony Young is putting out album after album under the AUTOCLAV1.1 moniker and it just doesn't seem he's running out of ideas any time soon. May I present: 'Werewolf Country', the eleventh album if I've not miscounted, which is bringing out the beat at least visually. It's deliberately darker already on the outside. Sound-wise, if you follow the line back to 2008 and 'Love No Longer Lives Here', there are miles between those and yet they retain an element that makes the AUTOCLAV1.1 sound instantly recognizable. With all the changes it has gone through over the years, the heart-rendering emotional core is still present. 'Short Pier' dives right in with an asynchronous feel on the drums and variations of deeply melancholy pads and piano incursions. The following 'Earworm' actually has nails and claws like the little guy on the album cover would suggest. Utterly painful synth lines as high as the frequency goes meet a gentle dub-step influence and just moments later descends into darkness with an ominous string arrangement

Fog blows in from the sea now and shrouds the sun until it become merely a grey ball in the sky that is soon to set. That is the scenery you'll find on 'Tall Tails And Hate Trails'. It's nature is designed so you lose yourself in it but don't get lost in the mist forever. Beforehand, I wondered what was to be expected of the album's title track. It expands on the ambient interludes, we've heard on past records. It is constructed in a way though that makes it completely light proof. It is essentially a walk in dark, through what lies inside the shadows, the dark corners we otherwise would avoid at all cost. 'Twaddle' has a kind of different approach o things as it remodels its rhythmic structure constantly with hints of bit-crushing and grains of sand to dissolve old and bring out something entirely fascinating. With 'Nato Standard' you will instantly feel at home. It harks right back to what was established in 2008 with the first release on Tympanik Audio. I so love it when there's piano melodies in abundance and acoustic sounding drums on the tracks. A stand-out song.

There it is, the end. All I can and will say is that I am once more satisfied with the way the sound has been carefully evolved and still can send you back in time. All in all, a very dark, melancholy sounding album that even though it lacks no strong beat section puts a lot more emphasis on atmosphere, on shaping moods and feelings.


01. Short Pier
02. Earworm
03. Tall Tails And Hate Trails
04. Werewolf Country
05. Amitriptyline Nun Chuff
06. Digital Download Devaluation
07. Twaddle
08. Constructive Dismissal
09. Nato Standard
10. Just Do One


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autoclav11 werewolf


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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