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darkhaus providence
Artist: Darkhaus
Album: Providence EP
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27th March 2015
Label: Oblivion / SPV GmbH

EP Review

Founded in 2011 the band release its critically acclaimed debut album in 2013. DARKHAUS is a five piece intercontinental band coming from Scotland, USA, Germany and Austria. Head of the band Rupert Keplinger is a multi- platinum songwriter / composer, well- known for his collaboration with top selling German artists like PETER MAFFAY, EISBRECHER, STEPHAN WEIDNER and some more. Some might already know him as bassist of EISBRECHER. Co-creator, bassist and main lyricist is Gary Meskil, who is also the founder of the US Hardcore band PRO-PAIN. Another member coming from PRO-PAIN is the guitarist Marshall Stevens. The drummer Paul Keller and the lead singer Kenny Henlon complete the band. Their music can be allocated to the Synth- Rock genre.

The first album was definitely a good start for the band. Furthermore the guys could convince the audiences, whether they were touring alongside with EISBRECHER or having their own shows. And in order to soothe the waiting for the next album DARKHAUS launched now an EP as an appetiser. The new songs were written and composed not in a sterile studio atmosphere but during the tour. And apparently the songs captured the energy of the tour life - energetic and powerful but also with quiet undertones as can be heard in ‘Throwing away‘. Besides the new songs you will find two songs of their first album: ‘Drive‘ as a live version, recorded at the show in Cologne, which showcases the great live energy the band has and also proving that the vocal quality of Ken is superb and ‘Life worth living‘ as an acoustic version with Ken’s singing only accompanied by a guitar.

An EP with six songs and really worth to buy it. And after listening to it several times I am looking forward to the second album. Hopefully the wait won’t take too long. The EP is available as standard version and download version.


01. The fire within
02. Side effect of love
03. Providence
04. Throwing away
05. Drive (Live in Cologne)
06. Life worth living (Acoustic version)


Ken Hanlon - vocals
Rupert Keplinger - guitars, synth
Marshall Stephens - guitars
Gary Meskil - bass
Paul Keller - drums

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darkhaus providence


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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