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drangsal harieschaim
Artist: Drangsal
Title: Harieschaim
Genre: New Wave, Post Punk
Release Date: 22nd April 2016
Label: Caroline (Universal Music)

Album Review

That's how the circle comes complete. Raised out of post-punk and Gothic scene MARILYN MANSON inspires the best Post-Punk project of our times. The New Wave is back, and it seems to be a big number. In Germany, DRANGSAL plays sold-out concerts and his debut album has a pretty high place in the charts. According to his own words, even if DRANGSAL tries to write a Hardcore Punk song, in the end there is always MÜNCHNER FREIHEIT. So if you've been waiting for the Second Coming of Ian Curtis, here it is. Pure reincarnation of everything what we love about Post Punk is on the DRANGSAL's debut album 'Harieschaim'.

No matter which track you play first, immediately you'll get a good charge of energy and a strong wish to slam or dance or jump or whatever - it is just impossible to stay still. The tracks were produced quite scrupulously. Like the chaos under control. So even if the album sounds very clean and fresh, it gives an impression of a re-mastered version of an album from the 80-s. Musically 'Harieschaim' wakes up all the excitement from the first listening of DEPECHE MODE or THE CURE. Dirty guitar sound together with light ringing synths and drum-machine create a new musical universe. Unintentionally, as DRANGSAL says himself, vocally he approaches the New Wave traditions. Every single track on this album is pure miracle and a potential hit. It's when post-punk finally becomes pop-music in the best version of this word. Simply genius. If you weren't able to stop the time or even rewind it - you probably were missing this record.


01. Allan Align
02. Der Ingrimm
03. Will Ich Nur Dich
04. Hinterkaifeck
05. Do The Dominance
06. Moritzzwinger
07. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
08. Schutter
09. Sliced Bread
10. Wolpertinger


Max Gruber


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drangsal harieschaim


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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