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drangsalBahnhof Langendreer, Bochum, Germany
2nd December 2018
Drangsal & Pabst

The hall of the venue quickly fills up with a dense crowd in front of the stage. Since the concert is about an hour off, many of the visitors take a seat on the floor. Today, it was a much younger audience than two years ago in Münster. Less Wave enthusiasts and more Hipster teens. How much the music of DRANGSAL has changed, I learned a little later.


PABST is a Berlin-based power trio which is ready to transcend the definitions of modern Rock music. In an era where grunge has been marginalized into a fashion statement, PABST revitalize the genre with elements of Noise-Rock, Stoner-Rock and R&B. With their debut EP, they tramp the territory that lies between NIRVANA, DINOSAUR JR. and TAME IMPALA, while unabashedly flirting with female pop groups from the early 00s, at least in the opinion of Robert Westerveld... /

pabst D4S1876 klein

Music & Performance
The Berlin Noise-Rock trio PABST opens this evening and the almost sold-out venue is happy. Musically, the clanging noisy Rock sound does not fit with the NDW attitude of DRANGSAL, so surely a few guests are here only for the opening band. The 90s Grunge and the attempts to avoid tipping led to some screaming and loud singing along with some fans in the front row. In any case, the bassist seemed to have looked into the glass a little bit at the end of the 2018tour, and the interruption of DRANGSAL, who took the stage with a beer bong and a recorder for the final show, made the picture even sillier. The main thing was to celebrate, and so parts of the audience just did it… and celebrated.

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 4
Light: 8
Total: 5.5 / 10

pabst D4S1908 klein


Max Gruber is DRANGSAL. He appeared German music scene with his project in 2016 seemingly out of nowhere in the. Rarely has a debut caused so much euphoria and discussion as ‘Harieschaim‘. He is self-taught, outsider, music obsessed. His music is an amalgam of Gruber’s experiences as a freak in the conservative province of Palatinate and all the music he absorbed during his lifetime. /

drangsal 1

Music & Performance
The large illuminated ‘Zores’ “Z” hovers over the stage and testifies a bit of the magnanimity that Max Gruber brought a little too strongly on stage two years ago. Now he looks friendlier and in a good mood. With the screaming of the girls in the audience, it is probably hard for any artist to stay on the floor. The slightly too tight Puma tracksuit - with the pants where really everything is clear to see - is not meant to prevent the screaming either. And then the hip swing! SCREAM! The songs from the new album are all rather radio-friendly. The sound of the first album that has even put the artist on the stage of the WGT and has given him his uniqueness is unfortunately no longer recognizable in the newer pieces. But to be honest, the new sound has brought him a lot of new fans!

drangsal D4S1932 klein

Much to my joy, also some pieces of the first album are on the setlist. However, only the first album seems to hang in my mind as a musically interesting work. The visitors dance and sing the new tunes without interruption, which is a great achievement. The clear tones and the variety of sounds that the singer presents here care for expert visitors and their approval. All in all a positive impression of an artist on whose next album we can be curious.

01. Jedem Das Meine
02. Will Ich Nur Dich
03. Do The Dominance
04. Sirenen
05. Magst Du Mich?
06. Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
07. Und DU? Vol. II
08. Der Ingrimm
09. Hinterkaifleck
10. Laufen Lernen
11. Arche Gruber
12. ACME
13. Wolpertinger Jam / Weiter Nicht
14. Eine Geschichte
15. Turmbau Zu Babel
16. Allan Align
17. 1000 und 1 Nacht (Klaus Lage Cover)

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.25 / 10

drangsal D4S1990 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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