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Title: Show and Tell (Live in Hamburg) (DVD)
Artist: The Birthday Massacre
Genre: Goth Rock
Release Date: 2nd October 2009
Label: Repo Records


In this year’s May, we already hat the mere audio counterpart to this DVD in our hands, which brought over some live feeling. On one hand not seeing anything triggers the imagination, but on the other hand and at some point you really want to see what was happening there. Here’s your chance to learn just that.


Chibi - Vocals
M. Falcore - Lead Guitar
Rainbow - Rhythm Guitar, Sequencing
O.E. - Bass
Rhim - Drums
Owen - Keyboards

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Detailed Review

Packaging of the DVD comes first, which turns out not as opulent. The disc is enclosed in a simple DVD case with the, admittedly, neat cover and that’s it already. The menu is kept as simple as that, but here it’s an advantage as you can easily choose whether you want to see the show directly or have a look at the bonus stuff first. We’ll start with the show of course, whose audio line already sounds vaguely familiar. The intro ‘Before Dark’ introduces with sustained textures and the stage is just illuminated with purple lights until the band enters, the cheers breaks and the 8-bit introduction reveals that ‘Video Kid’ is the first track. Someone once called the six Canadians gummy bears and that’s exactly what applies to them best. If the show has started once, you can’t find a moment seeing them standing still, really.

The degree of movement and its wildness depends on the mood of the song, which of course is always a bit of a melancholic one. But especially songs like ‘Red Stars’ or ‘Blue’ have a certain violent timbre which makes the band react accordingly. Cuts on the DVD aren’t too fast so you’re eyes won’t be exhausted after 5 minutes and the sound, as already proven on the live CD, is great. Can’t judge the 5.1 mix though. The extras section includes live footage of two of the band’s appearances at German M’era Luna festival in decent quality, as well as a picture gallery and a little interview that is quite fun to watch, and you’ll get plenty of chances to laugh with them while they’re telling about various incidents, accidents and other stuff.

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01. Before Dark - 1:26
02. Video Kid - 4:28
03. Lovers End - 4:20
04. Goodnight - 4:21
05. Falling Down - 4:14
06. Violet - 3:39
07. Red Stars - 3:50
08. Looking Glass - 4:23
09. Remember Me - 4:05
10. Unfamiliar - 3:26
11. Walking With Strangers - 3:53
12. Weekend - 3:54
13. Horror Show - 4:07
14. Kill The Lights - 4:36
15. Blue - 4:31
16. Happy Birthday - 4:13

- M’era Luna 2005
- M’era Luna 2006
- Picture Gallery
- Interview


Audio: 8
Video: 8
Concert: 8
Extras: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10


This DVD definitely is something for those never having attended a show of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE as of yet and maybe raising the wish to do so at the next possible chance. People who already bought the CD will get this one just for the sake of completion already. If you really need both is entirely your call. Either way, it’s definitely worth a buy though the bonus section could have been a little bigger.


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