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joe theclock
Artist: Jesus On Extasy
Title: The Clock
Genre: Gothic / Industrial / Rock
Release Date: 7th October 2011
Label: Farscape Records / Artoffact

Album Review

It seems that when their previous CD, ‘No Gods’, was released some kind of a bomb was detonated in their hands and the band was ready to split up completely. Yet nothing was over and Chai Deveraux managed to find new band members namely Manja Wagner for the vocal part and Chris for bass. Now they’ve returned with their latest CD, ‘The Clock’.

They have returned as what is the crucial question. The absence of Dorian Deveraux is obvious not only in the vocals but much more importantly in the tone in which the songs are written. The new JESUS ON EXTASY has only the name in common with the older band and that despite the fact Chai Deveraux and Dino have remained. And let’s face it; when a band changes the leading vocalist the opinions shall be divided among their fans. In the specific Manja Wagner does her best but I’m afraid her best is not good enough. On that the weak orchestrations of the songs are mostly to be blamed as they have a softer, more pulp touch. They lack even the pretentiousness of heaviness their previous work used to have in abundance. On that front, ‘Nothing To Cry For (Hotel Room Recording Session)’ is not only the heaviest Gothic rock song in this CD but also a good indicator of what Manja’s vocals can achieve if they have the proper orchestration. Its difference with the original version of the song is chaotic as the latter clings more to a NIGHTWISH aspect, which does it injustice as it looks like a poor relative.

Another indicator of my previous observation is ‘Heartless (Ambient Mix)’ in which Wagner’s voice in low and mid tempos shines and that is helped by the use of acoustic guitar that offer a strong sense of melancholia to the song. As for ‘Ordinary World’, yes it is a remake of DURAN DURAN’s song. If any of you is really wondering about the comparison with the original the only way you’ll find if it is better is if you and Jesus were on ecstasy. It has this generic Gothic rock touch which is the latest trend as far it concerns the remakes of old classics. A brief description of some good moments of the album should include ‘Snow Of Syberia (feat Ski)’, ‘The Clock’ and ‘Living A Lie’. The first has an ambient, almost progressive rock aspect to which the vocals of Ski King (BELOVED ENEMY) fit and juxtapose Marja’s perfectly. The second is a low tempo melodic and atmospheric gothic song while the last is one of the catchiest and uplifting songs in the CD, ready for a good position in the charts. Apart from all that what remains? The fact that the band is “rebooting”, according to their own words, and it is certain that plenty of shattering takes place as they agonise to find once again their own course.


01. Freak me Out – 4:20
02. Lost In Time – 4:28
03. Forever Now – 4:40
04. Snow Of Syberia (feat. Ski) – 6:39
05. The Clock – 4:41
06. Vendetta – 4:22
07. Heartless – 5:01
08. Nothing To Cry For – 5:13
09. Pulse – 4:27
10. Living A Lie – 3:46
11. Ordinary World – 4:52
12. Nothing To Cry For (Hotel Room Recording Session) – 6:45
13. Heartless (Ambient Mix) – 6:42
14. The Mirror – 4:04


Manja Wagner – Vocals
Chai Deveraux – Guitars
Dino – Drums
Chris – Bass

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joe theclock


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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