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jesusonextasy lostintime
Artist: Jesus on Extasy
Title: Lost in Time (Advanced DJ Single)
Genre: Electronic, Industrial
Release Date: 2nd September 2011
Label: Artoffact Records

Single Review

It’s very hard to characterize, review just one song when one is used to listen to entire albums which produce an impression of a play with multiple acts. Even if an album is not conceptual, it still seems to be thought-out and complete. At the same time a single song doesn’t allow to judge about the music of this or that band in whole because any artist can make an effort and record one great composition. All you need is a minimum composer's gift, simple equipment and lyrics. So this very song of German electronic band JESUS ON EXTASY turned to be of that kind with its catchy and accessible tune, transparent female vocals reminding a bit of the voice of Liv Kristine from LEAVES’ EYES. The track is well-balanced enough and the arrangement combines modern experimental keys with dry mid-tempo chords, ruing all hopes for a beautiful solo. Its part is assigned to the buzzing emptiness. The beginning and the ending of the song are identical and obviously the track is well-done yet the purpose of the release is vague. Of course, the devoted fans of the band will be eager to buy it even if it’s not practical at all.


Lost in Time – 4:26


Manja Wagner – Vocals
Chai Deveraux – Guitar
Dino – Drums
Chris – Bass


Cover Picture

jesusonextasy lostintime


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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