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furyintheslaughterhouse 30
Artist: Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Title: 30 - The Ultimate Best of Collection
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10th March 2017
Label: Starwatch Entertainment (Sony Music)

Album Review

FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE started in 1986 and during the first decade they reached the Europe-round fame as well as they conquered the USA. Today they are represented as the legends, considering themselves as “unwanted” and “misfits” in the very beginning, but over-standing due their passion. And let's be fair, thirty years is a big term, especially when we're talking about a band. So for the fans of this ultimate collection spares the most beautiful and touching memories. The sold-out concerts of the anniversary-tour this year talk for themselves. For those of you who didn't catch up the time when FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE were big, have an opportunity to dive into that era and there is a big chance that you'll like it.

The two CDs of three contain the most important hits of the band from 1987 up to 2007. The compilation is opened with the ‘Every Generation Got Its Own Disease’, which might have blown the minds of the musical critics back in 1993. The other memorable singles included in the collection are ‘Radio Orchid’, ‘When I'm Dead and Gone’, ‘Down There’, ‘Milk and Honey’, ‘Hello and Goodbye’, ‘Brilliant Thieves’, ‘Are You Real?’ Together with such hits as ‘Time to Wonder’ and ‘Won't Forget These Days’ these two CDs create a smooth atmosphere of the American nineties, when Bon Jovi and The Rembrandts rocked the house. FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE would be a perfect background music for some series or a movie from that decade. The second CD seems to be compiled of the 2000s' songs, but somehow it sounds more the 60s oriented. In the end of the CD there is even a cover on THE BEATLES' ‘Dear Prudence’.

2008 the band went on the final tour and took a ten-years long pause, aside of the live shows which they played from time to time. So the biggest surprise is of course the third CD. FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE brought six brand new songs and two remixes together on the ‘EP The Last Order’. The EP sounds like there was no ten years in between their last and the current release. And it is meant in the best meaning. The band stayed faith to their path. It is possible to find the connections between the new songs and the older hits. Of course it is easy to notice the changes in vocals and the whole canvas of the songs, which became more rough and better calculated. The ‘EP The Last Order’ could be a love letter to the younger themselves.

Let's be honest, after thirty years it is quite easy to become a legend. Quite few bands keep playing for so long. These days we forget the hit from yesterday, while there is a new ear-worm digging into our brain. But don't say you have no nostalgia for hits which were on the radio about a dozen years ago. So, were FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE really as legendary as they are celebrated today? The ‘30 - The Ultimate Best of Collection’ landed on the third position of the German charts. Last time it happened to them twenty exactly years ago. Their further nine albums were somewhere between 13th and 82nd lines. Or does it really matter, why the twenty-years old hits comfortably fit on the top of the charts, as long as we still can fall in love with them?



01. Every Generation Got Its Own Disease
02. Come On
03. Radio Orchid
04. Milk And Honey
05. Then She Said
06. When I'm Dead And Gone
07. Hello And Goodbye
08. One Way Dead End Street
09. Dancing In The Sunshine Of Dark
10. Everything I Did
11. Time To Wonder
12. Kick It Out
13. Riding On A Dead Horse
14. Bring Me Home
15. Seconds To Fall


01. Are You Real
02. Won't Forget These Days
03. Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow
04. Brilliant Thieves
05. Protection
06. Homesick
07. Starless
08. All The Young Dudes
09. Down There
10. Midnight Rider
11. Goodbye, So Long
12. Haunted Head And Heart
13. She's A Star
14. Dead Prudence
15. Things Like This

01. So (It's Not Easy)
02. Love Has Gone Home
03. My Personal Everest
04. Dance On The Frontline
05. The Last Order
06. Words
07. Love Has Gone Home (Remix By RCM)
08. Dance On The Frontline (Runtillas Remix By RCM)


Kai-Uwe Wingenfelder - Vocals
Thorsten Wingenfelder - Guitar, vocals
Christof Stein - Guitar
Hannes Schafer - Bass
Rainer Schumann - Drums
Gero Drnek - Keyboard

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furyintheslaughterhouse 30


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10

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