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introHistorische Stadthalle, Wuppertal, Germany
29th October 2017
Fury in the Slaughterhouse - “Little Big World Tour - Live & Acoustic”

After their successful open-air tour to the 30th band anniversary, FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE have another gift for their fans: from the end of October 2017 the band from Hanover is on a very special acoustic tour through Germany. The pleasure principle has been the compass of the band since its foundation in 1987, whose history is characterized by lots of heart blood and intuition. True to this principle, FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE can make full use this year, to the 30th band anniversary.

This is the reason why the jubilee party is extended now. At the end of April, the acoustic album ‘Little Big World’ was recorded in the Grünspan in Hamburg. FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE combine the best musical craftsmanship with emotional depth in 23 selected songs that have been re-arranged by Jan Löchel for this unique concert experience. As close as ever, the fans can surprise themselves with this tour. There are classic FURY songs, numbers that are not expected in this form and parts that make you smile. Based on the sold-out open air shows, the “Little Big World Tour 2017 - Live & Acoustic” is crowning one of the most successful band anniversaries in Germany, not only for the band itself, but also for their fans. /


Music & Performance
The historic guildhall in Wuppertal is a very special surrounding for this concert. And so, you first spotted people everywhere taking pictures of the building just after arrival. About fifteen minutes before the start you heard a first gong reminding you that the concert was soon to start. People were taking their seats and a few minutes past eight, the show was starting without any support act and with the song ‘My Little World’ that was the inspiration for the tour motto. From the very beginning, people were celebrating with the band, there was always a certain eagerness in the air. During their acoustic tour, FURY strengthened the band with additional musicians and instruments. Furthermore, the songs were rearranged to fit the tour motto and the surrounding of such a special concert hall. Personally, the band was supported by Anne de Wolff (violin, accordion, mandolin, vibraphone and more) and Martin Huch (pedal steel) who was already present during the latest best-of tour. Anne and Martin were accompanying FURY during the whole show. But there was another guest on stage, Jan Löchel who already supported the band as musical director for the arrangements. He delivered a convincing cover version of THE CURE’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ together with the band. MOUSSE T, who remixed ‘Radio Orchid’ was not present on stage, but his version of the song was presented in an acoustic outfit.


But additional musicians were not the only ones who supported the band. The show was also strengthened by crystal clear sound and a fabulous stage set up, really appropriate for the surrounding. In-between the songs, there were always little anecdotes by the Wingenfelder brothers or by Christof Stein-Schneider making the audience laugh. ‘Every Generation…’ was i.e. dedicated to the biggest asshole of all times. Back then, it was Bush, but today, the band hinted to the recent US president… But from little stories to the music itself… the setlist was well selected, containing even new songs (‘Words’, ‘Last Order’) and the very old beloved gems when people were singing along loudly. The new arrangements of the old songs worked very well, like during the dreamy ‘Seconds to Fall’, rocking ‘Cry it out’, the happy ‘Milk and Honey’ or ‘Protection’ with Christof on trumpet. ‘Seconds to Fall’ was newly recorded with Wolfgang Niedecken, a cologne musician who sings in Cologne dialect. And since he was not present, the band sung the second verse on Cologne dialect itself. Very cool… and kind of funny as well. There were so many highlights in this show. During ‘Dead and Gone’, the audience was asked to stand up and wave their arms and to sing the chorus all alone. What a sound! Also ‘Won’t Forget These Days’ was accompanied by loud chants. If you thought this was already very loud you would be proofed better when finally one of the biggest hits, ‘Time to Wonder’, was starting. The crowd was so loud, the song was so touching! What a moment!


With ‘Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow’ and ‘It's a Long Way to the Top’, the concert finally was ending and the band was rewarded with standing ovations and never-ending applause. At the end, this was probably one of the last chances to see FURY live. After their acoustic tour, there will be only one ship tour next year and this is finally the end. So the band told us. But you never know…

01. My Little World
02. When God Goes Home
03. Words
04. Dancing in the Sunshine of the Dark
05. Last Order
06. Bar Des Boulistes
07. Every Generation Got Its Own Disease
08. Then She Said
09. Things Like This
10. Protection
11. When I'm Dead and Gone (McGuinness Flint cover)
12. Dance on the Frontline
13. Radio Orchid
14. Cry It Out
15. In Your Room
16. 30 (It's Not Easy)
17. Seconds to Fall
18. Boys Don't Cry (The Cure cover) (with Jan Löchel)
19. Won't Forget These Days
20. Down There
21. Milk and Honey
22. Time to Wonder
23. Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow
24. It's a Long Way to the Top

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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