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fury thegrandprize
Artist: Fury
Title: The Grand Prize
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 3rd April 2020
Label: Self-released

Album Review

Just a few days ago I had the pleasure to review the first single, ‘Galactic Rock’, of the new output of UK's FURY. And here I am with the review of said new record called ‘The Grand Prize’. Let’s take a look at what the official website has to say about these nice people: “FURY are a British band who deliver expansive, panoramic and beautiful arrangements, easily capable of transporting you to alternate and fantastical universes. The potent mixture of Julian's soulful, yet powerful vocals combined with a brilliantly talented band will really push all the buttons for fans of any genre of music- and with many years of live experience between the group, FURY guarantee an energetic, engaging and thoroughly fun live experience for all!”

OK, that seems to be a big chunk of praise but I have to admit that FURY is a fucking talented bunch of artists led by a great vocalist that always calls me “Matey” which I think is kinda adorable. There is a crowd-funding campaign for the new record where the fans can get involved more than ever in the bands history, granting exclusive high quality merchandise that would not be possible without the campaign. This output is the bands third full-length in their ten year spanning career. Even if I wrote that FURY play heavy metal I also have the urge to call it power rock because it is really energetic, mid to up-tempo kick ass rock and roll.

Jenkins hits the high notes but does not shy away from songs like ‘Upon The Lonesome Tide’ which reminds me one hand of a Disney song and on the other side it has quite a lot of folk music sound bordering on a bard song. Guitars on ‘The Grand Prize’ are tight, on point and in your face, Becky’s bass is more than just beefing up as heard on ‘Road Warrior’ and the drums are unstoppable, expertly timed and the heartbeat of the overall sound. Just give this a listen and hit me up or comment this write-up to let me know what you think and how many copies you bought.


01. You’re The Fire
02. Galactic Rock
03. The World Is Mine
04. Burnout
05. We Will Sing
06. The Grand Prize
07. 2nd Prize
08. Upon The Lonesome Tide
09. Casino Soleil
10. Road Warrior


Tom Fenn - Drums
Julian Jenkins - Vocals, Guitar
Becky Baldwin - Bass
Jake Elwell - Lead Guitar

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fury thegrandprize


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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