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Frog LeapDen Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
18th August 2023
Frog Leap

More than 270 recorded cover songs, 3.3 million YouTube followers and over 650 million video views! Whether it’s ‘Hello’ by ADELE, ‘Poker Face’ by LADY GAGA, classics like ‘Africa’ by TOTO or ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ by SURVIVOR or, or, or… Leo Moracchioli has already given countless songs a harder sound dress that can be seen and heard. Not without reason is the cover god of FROG LEAP more popular than ever!

For each video, Moracchioli creates the arrangements, and plays all the instruments, except for a small number of songs in which he has collaborated with other instrumentalists; they often require at least 50 tracks. Although most of the videos feature only himself, and sometimes his family or a musical guest - sometimes a fellow YouTube artist participating remotely. In order to make sure that the live performance on stage is a real blast, Leo has of course brought some of the most brilliant musicians on board, who manage to convey the spirit of FROG LEAP the way it should be.

Frog Leap

01. Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)
02. Therefore I Am (Billie Eilish cover)
03. House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)
04. Sail (Awolnation cover)
05. Dance Monkey (Tones and I cover)
06. Come Together (The Beatles cover)
07. Pitbull Terrier (Die Antwoord cover)
08. Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson cover)
09. Pokemon (Jason Paige cover)
10. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) (The Proclaimers)
11. Party Rock (LMFAO cover)
12. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor cover)
13. Genie in a Bottle (Christiana Aguilera cover)
14. Africa (Toto cover)
15. Listen to your Heart (Roxette cover)
16. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)

  • B26A4523
  • B26A4531
  • B26A4538
  • B26A4545
  • B26A4550
  • B26A4554
  • B26A4567
  • B26A4581
  • B26A4585
  • B26A4586
  • B26A4601
  • B26A4606
  • B26A4621
  • B26A4625
  • B26A4637
  • B26A4639
  • B26A4649
  • B26A4661
  • B26A4676
  • B26A4697
  • B26A4706
  • B26A4723
  • B26A4730
  • B26A4736
  • B26A4738
  • B26A4745
  • B26A4748
  • B26A4755
  • B26A4760
  • B26A4766
  • B26A4767
  • B26A4770
  • B26A4773
  • B26A4843
  • B26A4955
  • B26A4956
  • B26A4961
  • B26A4968
  • B26A4972
  • B26A5045

All Pictures by Elena Arens

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