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meshuggah i specialedition
Artist: Meshuggah
Title: I (Special Edition)
Genre: Extreme Metal / Math Metal
Release Date: 26th September 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

With the 25th anniversary of MESHUGGAH, the band that spawned down-tuned seven-eight string guitars & polyrhythmic revolution is bringing out a re-issue of their 2004 EP of one song only spinning around the title/concept of ‘I’. Spread about twenty minutes it’s accompanied with live versions of ‘Bleed’ and ‘Dancers To A Discordant System’ and also there’s ‘Pitch Black’ to tie it up. The ‘I’ is very cold, machine-like, futuristic behemoth that weights a tone of a nuked-out world rebuilding itself on mechanical lines from the fragments left behind; it is a collage-like-assembly. It’s a robot opera of concentrated intellect. The emotion enters with all the more power when it’s delivered by brutal vocal that is more crushing than the world that envelops it and yet it’s a creation of it.  It’d have stood well on its own but the other songs are fitting to be included so win-win either way.  Great for the fans or a short(ish) intro dose for the new ones.


1. I
2. Bleed (live)
3. Dancers To A Discordant System (live)
4. Pitch Black


Jens Kidman - vocals
Marten Hagström - guitar
Fredrik Thordenthal - guitar
Dick Lövgren - bass
Tomas Haake - drums & voice

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meshuggah i specialedition


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10


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