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DSC 1022Rockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
1st March 2020
Kvelertak - “SPLID” Tour Europe 2020 - Support: Planet Of Zeus, Blood Command

On a rainy Sunday evening, the Norwegians from KVELERTAK performed in the quite full club at the Rockhal. The reason for their visit was the newly released album ‘SPLID’, which the band proudly presented to the Luxembourgers. The evening was opened by the fellow countrymen of BLOOD COMMAND and the Greek formation PLANET OF ZEUS. A great end to a stormy week.

Blood Command

BLOOD COMMAND is a Norwegian Death-Pop band, formed in Bergen. The band was created by Yngve Andersen, Silje Tombre and Sigurd Haakaas in 2008 and released two EP’s in 2009, before they released their debut album ‘Ghostlocks’ in 2010. The album got nominated for the Norwegian Grammy award (Spellemannprisen) in 2011. BLOOD COMMAND played support for the Canadian Hardcore band COMEBACK KID on their European tour in 2011.

DSC 0649

Music & Performance
If you look at the backdrop from BLOOD COMMAND, you would expect “Psychedelic Doom”, but on stage, the quartet was completely intense. They acted immediately full of energy and made no impression as if they were “just” a support band. What a prelude! An alternative Brit-Ami-Rock-influenced band. Furthermore, intro and outro each consisted of two certain Euro-Dance hits of the 1990s - which had attracted the “humorous” attention of the audience anyway; nice move!

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 6.5 / 10

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Planet Of Zeus

PLANET OF ZEUS are a Heavy Rock band from Athens, Greece. They have been around since 2000, playing extensively throughout their home country and just about anywhere they could. Ranging from house parties to stadiums. Right now, PLANET OF ZEUS are the biggest Rock band in Greece, consistently selling out every venue they play.

DSC 0851

Music & Performance
The second band of the evening, the Greeks of PLANET OF ZEUS, presented for almost 40 minutes their Blues-Rock-inspired Stoner-Rock-Metal. A stunning voice of the singer, who switched between clean vocals and screaming, and a cheerful and well-rehearsed band, who obviously enjoyed opening for a band like KVELERTAK - and being part of the complete SPLID tour. Now the audience was definitely ready for the stars of the evening.

01. Gasoline
02. Macho Libre
03. All These Happy People
04. Something’s Wrong
05. Loyal to the Pack
06. Revolution Cookbook
07. Your Song

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total 7.8 / 10

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KVELERTAK is a Norwegian Metal band from Stavanger, whose lyrics are almost exclusively written in Norwegian. The style of the band mixes Hardcore Punk with influences from Rock’n’Roll and Black Metal.

Music & Performance
KVELERTAK started after a short intro with the opener ‘Rogaland’ of the recently released fourth work. From the first to the last minutes - of the almost 80 minutes performance - there was a lot of high energy; especially in the front rows. No matter if it was a new song, a classic from the first two albums or hits like ‘1985’ or ‘Berserkr’ from ‘Fanden ta dette hull!’ - there was pogo, singing along / grumbling and downright freaking out - as well as satisfied faces and lots of applause. The band, fresh, agile and absolutely in tune with themselves.

DSC 1016

Choreography when handling the guitars or changing positions, super synchronised. Even if the light seemed to be secondary on this evening, or just at this kind of energetic performance, it was also very fitting. The singing was as one would have expected, and Ivar Nikolaisen managed to wrap the audience around his finger impressively. He did not miss the opportunity to mention the currently known virus, as well as the fact that they are KVELERTAK from Norway and have only arrived here in Esch to celebrate themselves; and they should be worshipped tonight! The pack ate out of his hand, when he gave the microphone to the fans again and again or joined the turmoil of the first rows. KVELERTAK are not from this world. Live absolutely powerful, you cannot escape this energy.

DSC 1003

No signs of boredom, tiredness or listlessness, after a good 10 years in business, they seemed more agile and fresh than ever. It seems as if their live experiences as support for greats like METALLICA, SLAYER and MASTODON have paid off. No wonder that the just started SPLID-Tour has sold out a lot of shows.

01. Rogaland
02. Crack of Doom
03. Bruane Brenn
04. Necrosoft
05. Discord
06. Nekroskop
07. 1985
08. Stevnemøte med Satan
09. Evig Vandrar
10. Ulvetid
11. Blodtørst
12. Berserkr
13. Mjød
14. Bråtebrann
15. Fanden ta dette hull!
16. Kvelertak

Music. 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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