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Bandname: Melotron
Title: Wenn wir wollten
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 2005-05-02
Record Company / Label: Synthetic Symphony (SPV)


“Melotron” published the single " Wenn Wir Wollten” this year and created a nice piece of electronic pop-hymn with it. As usual, the songs get stuck in the ear and also the German lyrics work very well… they are neither embarrassing nor put on. Actually, nothing at all has changed. This would be the only thing you could reproach to the band. But anyway, the song spreads a good mood again and will certainly become a live experience again.


Andy Krüger
Edgar Slatnow
Kay Hildebrandt

Song Review

01. Wenn Wir Wollten (Single Edit) – 03:31
“Melotron” present a fine electro - pop - song in an inimitable way again. The catchy melody and the lyrics immediately go into your ear and animate you to sing along.

02. Wenn Wir Wollten (Lange Fassung) – 05:46
This version sounds a little faster then the original version. The vocals were expanded at some places and from time to time it reminds a bit of “Kraftwerk”.

03. Venus  – 04:05
You can call this song the B-side of the MCD and this is, actually, the downer. Melotron were / are best know for their famously composed first-class B-sides and not for filling songs like this. Nevertheless, “Venus” is a wonderful instrumental piece which invites you to dream away within it´s melancholia.

04. Menschenfresser (Klubmischung) – 04:55
This is the most square - edged song of this record; in the original written by “Rio Reiser” (died in 1994, known by the German anarchy band “Ton Steine Scheben”). Melotron prove capably again with this song how to create a good cover version. It is a very quick and fast song and with these qualities it could become the next “dancefloor - filler”.  There is no difference between the MCD- and the album version.

Cover Picture

Technical summary

Version: MCD
Total Playing Time: 18:17
Total Songs: 05


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7

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