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turisas turisas2013
Artist: Turisas
Title: Turisas 2013
Genre: Folk Metal
Release Date: 23rd August 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

TURISAS has taken a new step, the new album does not have one story line so it gives more freedom in the lyrics and new is the use of the keyboard. Although no real story line, they still want to express the way how they experience the now and then. First song, ‘For your own good’, is not a bad number, it sounds a bit like the old symphonic rock band as Emerson Lake and Palmer. It is somewhat poppy, but luckily there is the rasping sound of Matthias that makes your hair stand up. Followed by ‘Ten more miles’, where they try to get the more battle metal we are used from them. You can see them almost on horseback going into battle, singing strong, stiff riffs. The chorus sounds almost religious. The next song, ‘Piece by Piece’, sounds to me like a hard metal version of the dwarves of Snow White, singing piece by piece, slice by slice digging in the rocks.

On we go with ‘Into the free’. The true fans will love the song, easy to sing along, fantastic rhythm maybe a bit too simplified. ‘Rung Bang Eater Run’ has a great folk like beginning, almost Arabic, and then turning into a melody you hear at a circus performance. Fast and loud is the beginning of ‘Greek fire’, then it turns into a dragging song and for me always to quickly move to the next song, ‘The Day Passed’. At times I really think the song will come alive, only to find it just goes back to the same drone of sound. The song with the strangest name on the album, ‘No good story ever starts with drinking tea’, is a funny song with lots of folk metal influence, it definitely sounds like a great drinking song and yes the dwarves are back. Last but not least we are served with ‘We ride together’. Yes for a moment I thought I was going to listen to the SHADOWS. Dramatic and orchestral.

I can understand that TURISAS wanted something different, but I wonder if they really succeeded. It sounds at times boring, not inspiring, they try to be new, but there are many parts of songs, where you go “ahhhh that reminds me of…” I still love the voice of Matthias Nygård, rough at times but then suddenly smooth and powerful.


01. For Your Own Good (4:34)
02. Ten More Miles (4:16)
03. Piece by Piece (5:37)
04. Into The Free (3:50)
05. Run Bhang-Eater, Run! (4:43)
06. Greek Fire (4:51)
07. The Days Passed (4:33)
08. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea (2:51)
09. We Ride Together (6:33)


Mathias Nygård (vocals)
Jussi Wickström (guitar)
Olli Vänskä (violin)
Robert Engstrand (keyboards)
Jaakko Jakku (drums)
Jesper Anastasiadis (bass)

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turisas turisas2013


Music: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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