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tenek thelastcry punishmentundermyskin
Artist: Tenek, The Last Cry and Julianne Regan (from All About Eve)
Title: Punishment / Under My Skin
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date : 7th October 2013
Label: Alien Six Productions

Album Review

Acclaimed singer songwriter Julianne Regan has teamed up with TENEK and THE LAST CRY on a six-track release in support of prominent anti-hate charity The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. ALL ABOUT EVE enjoyed a string of international hits, acclaimed albums and sell-out European tours in the eighties and nineties before downing tools in 2004. Three versions of the TENEK song ‘Under My Skin’ have been recorded by THE LAST CRY featuring Julianne Regan, alongside three mixes of THE LAST CRY’s song ‘Punishment’ by electronica duo TENEK. The six tracks will be available via iTunes, Amazon and other major download sites from Monday, 7th October. All artist profits from sale of the tracks will be donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

‘Punishment’ is clearly not the most Synth Pop production of TENEK, but as you know, I'm quite open to it and have nothing against some good old guitars and drums. And previous single of TENEK (‘Another Day’) was clearing heading already to that direction. Don't be afraid, synths are still there. To be honest, I haven't heard of THE LAST CRY before and haven't any preconceived ideas on the song. Therefore, to me, it's kind of a new TENEK song that once again makes me die to hear a new album of them! The 2nd version is from Geoff (TENEK), this time fully electronic, with some strong basses, symphonic strings bringing an electronic orchestra feel to it. Brilliant. I really prefer this version to be honest. ‘Rise Up’ remix of ‘Punishment’ by THE MAGIC CUBE, aka Arizona-based producer & composer Kevin Tye, combines elements of film scores with fast & dark electro beats. Very efficient and clearly Dance floor driven.

The 2nd song, ‘Under My Skin’, was the ending song of TENEK's 2010 album ‘On The Wire’. Very upbeat and synth driven. THE LAST CRY turns it into a version obviously bass / guitar / drums driven. Reminds me a bit of ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN or THE CHURCH, very uplifting. Julianne Regan adds her haunting and heartfelt voice to the song, bringing it to a higher place. The Stripped Mix of ‘Under My Skin’ is appropriately entitled. Very Acoustic guitar driven, couple of piano touches, but the production build a real wall of sound with little instruments. The other remix of this song, the Archway Towers Remix, is clearly the Dance floor one. Up-tempo, strong bass and drum. Not my listening pleasure but will be very efficient in clubs for sure. To sum it up, clearly a very good EP and most of all, a must have to support this cause.

Information : The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was formed after the Lancashire teenager was attacked and killed in 2007 as she walked with her boyfriend, Rob. Sophie and Rob liked to express themselves in how they dressed and wore their hair. Ultimately, this led to the fatal attack. The Foundation works with schools, young offenders and prisons to challenge the prejudice faced by many as they express their individuality. They also lobby politicians and police forces to encourage respect and protection for subcultures in communities. The charity has campaigned to extend hate crime legislation to include people from alternative subcultures, lifestyle or dress. Progress has been rapid, with Greater Manchester Police adding ‘alternative lifestyle’ to their hate crime strands.


01. Punishment: Tenek
02. Under My Skin: The Last Cry, ft Julianne Regan
03. Punishment (Geoff Pinckney mix): Tenek
04. Under My Skin (Stripped mix): The Last Cry, feat Julianne Regan
05. Punishment  (Magic Cube Rise Up edit): Tenek
06. Under My Skin (Archway Towers mix): The Last Cry, feat Julianne Regan

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tenek thelastcry punishmentundermyskin


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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