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tenek ep2
Artist: Tenek
Title: EP2
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 10th October 2011
Label: Toffetones Records

EP Review

TENEK, the project of Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer has received quite some acclaim with their previous two full-length releases 'Stateless' and 'On The Wire' plus a string of live performances for instance within the scopes the tour with DE/VISION. Now it's been a year since that last album came along and TENEK reveal their new 'EP2' which holds exactly two tracks, well the press kit version does. The first one of which, 'Elusive' can be more suitably describes as ambient synth pop. It's like the vocals are enveloped in a haze of melody lazed ambience that transports a certain melancholy undercurrent. Needless to say that it's a lovely little gem you can sing along to in no time. Track two is called 'What Do You Want?' and is rather classic TENEK material.

The song's building on a simple rhythmic foundry that carries for instance the poignant violin opening. Sometimes sounds like a saxophone to me but that could be the processing as well. "What do you want from me / Are you looking for a reason why". Did I mention I love the chorus? Well, now you know. It's got everything it takes: It's catchy conveys a great deal o f emotions and is performed by a vocalist who's got the right timbre to do that properly. The only thing that spoils the pleasure of listening to the new EP is that thepress kit we received only included 2 of the actual 6 tracks on the EP. Those that are included are really quality and strong material.


01. What Do You Want? (Full Length Version) - 05:51
02. Elusive (Full Length Version) - 04:40
03. The Art Of Evasion (Alternate Version) - 05:34
04. Higher Ground (Alternate Version) - 04:56
05. Elusive (Radio Edit) - 03:52
06. What Do You Want? (Radio Edit) - 04:22


Geoff Pinckney
Peter Steer

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tenek ep2


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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