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satyricon st
Artist: Satyricon
Title: Satyricon
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 6th September 2013
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

SATYRICON belong, without a doubt, to the most well-known and established Black Metal bands from Norway. They were founded in 1990 and especially their debut ‘Dark Medieval Times’ is often referred to as classical atmospheric Black Metal. Throughout the years, they have experimented within the ranges of the genre, also resulting in the more Black ‘n’ Roll like album ‘K.I.N.G.’ (2006). With ‘Satyricon’, the band released their eighth studio record so far.

After the majestic intro ‘Voice Of Shadows’, the first song ‘Trog Og Kraft’ opens up the album in a slow, almost epic and atmospheric way, which somewhat re-establish the band’s ties to their early years. ‘Our World, It Rumbles Tonight’ continues a bit fast, but overall as a mid-tempo track with some faster riffs in between. Yet, tension is hardly built up throughout the first songs. With ‘Phoenix’, SATYRICON provide the most unusual track on the album, but probably the most outstanding one as well – the clean vocals are provided by Sivert Høyem. Although this song is rather uncommon for SATYRICON, it effuses a very dense atmosphere and also shows that the band is also capable of overcoming the genre’s boundaries in an interesting way. With ‘Walker Upon The Wind’, a relatively fast song is included as well, which could as well have been found on the last record ‘The Age Of Nero’.

‘Nekrohaven’, in contrast, grooves a lot and divulges an evil, almost haunted mood. With ‘Ageles Northern Spirit’, another faster but relatively un-innovative Black Metal song is included, whereas ‘The Infinity Of Time And Space’ provides a diversified mixture between acoustic phrases, uncommon harmonies and unexpected tempo changes. ‘Natt’ proves to be the last dance of the album with softer tunes and only whispered elements as lyrics. ‘Satyricon’ may not be entitled the band’s best record by far, although some good twists and turns are incorporated. Yet, it often fails to convey the brilliance of the early years and thus can be referred to as mediocre with some highlights. Despite this, the album is not too easy to absorb and may also take several turns to reveal its own, at times bizarre, character.


01. Voice Of Shadows
02. Tro Og Kraft
03. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
04. Nocturnal Flare
05. Phoenix
06. Walker Upon The Wind
07. Nekrohaven
08. Ageless Northern Spirit
09. The Infinity Of Time And Space
10. Natt


Satyr - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Frost - Drums

Gildas Le Pape - Guitar
Sivert Høyem - Vocals on ‘Phoenix‘


Cover Picture

satyricon st


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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