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Corey Beaulieu (guitarist) of Trivium

Cory Beaulieu guitarist of TRIVIUM gets interviewed revealing a couple of interesting details. Get the digs on what went down in this interview below.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Please introduce yourself and what you do in TRIVIUM?
Cory: The name is Cory. I play guitar and back-up vocals.

RoD: How is the current tour going? Are you getting along with everybody?
Cory: Its’ great. Today the two tours joined together. Other than that we’ve just been headlining. We have toured with CHIMAIRA before one of the other bands we don’t know quite well is WHITECHAPEL. Shaun of DIRGE WITHIN, we’ve known him for years even before DIRGE WITHIN began. Plus we’re good friends with the guys of CANNIBAL CORPSE as well so it’s been a lot of fun.

RoD: Who do you think you've spent the most time with on this tour?
Cory: Have to be the guys of DIRGE WITHIN. We get along with those guys great.  We hang out with them a lot showing them a good time. Every couple of days we have one of them come ride with us on our bus let them sleep instead of being cramped up in the van. Those guys are really cool and fun to hang out with.

RoD: How did this combination of TRIVIUM and HATEBREED come about? Was it on purpose?
Cory: Our tour and HATEBREED’s tour were both booked playing Los Angeles so the promoter thought it’d be better to just fuse them together. By the looks of it – it’s a petty solid crowd. Only downside is having the bands play so early and people can’t make it out to the show, because of work or other issues but other than that, we can’t really complain.

RoD: What was it like playing the “Sounds of the Underground” back in 2006? That’s when I first saw you guys actually.
Cory: It was a pretty cool tour. It was the only one that was just like Ozzfest. Expect Sounds of the Underground was cooler because of all the underground bands that were a part of it and being able to expose them and share this opportunity to take over the stage. Now that Mayhem has arrived you don’t see Ozzfest or Sounds of the Underground as much because Mayhem is for the more stable metal acts that are out right now just focusing on those acts alone pretty much.

RoD: Out of all the music videos and albums to date, which is your favourite and why?
Cory: Favourite video would be ‘Throws of Proditiction’. We watched some of our older videos and it was embarrassing. The last video for ‘The Crusade’ we met up with this guy Ramón who’s done every video with us since then. He truly delivers when it comes to the videos and we’ve happy with them as he really represents the band well. As for albums, I think the ones that stand out the most would have to be ‘Ascendy’ and ‘Shogun’.

RoD: If you had to run into yourself 10 years ago and tell yourself what you're in store for what would you say?
Cory: 10 years ago I’d still be in high school so I’d probably say “Get ready for some fun.”

RoD: Anything else you'd like to add?
Cory: If you haven’t heard of us already go check us out on MySpace and see what you like and take it from there.


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