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Artist: Periphery
Title: Periphery
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 28th May 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records

Album Review

'Insomnia' is the opening track; at first ethereal then jagged and driven with harsh guttural vocals and fabulous tortured progressive guitars. It's a great opener and the second track 'The walk' is fantastically mastered with sound coming at you from everywhere in a perfect balance. 'Letter experiment' throws more jagged rhythms about with some very tight bass work and vocals that this time are strangely haunting intermingled with the same dark inflection as before making this an awesome track. The interestingly named 'Jetpacks was yes!' is pure gorgeousness, a masterpiece of a track and more mainstream than the rest of the album, but no less good for that.

The fifth track 'Light' is very driving but again the vocals melt into one another perfectly a lovely blend of ferocious demonic possession and ethereal beauty. I really like the diversity of this album, for 'All new materials' has an almost indie grunge sounding start before it decides it's a little bit heavier than all that but loses none of the singableness it's intro suggested. 'Buttersnips' almost smacks of Curved Air musically in its disjointed majesty but the vocal leaves you in no doubt this is metal. Diversity should be this bands middle name for a bluesy intro leads us to more metal havoc and then disarmingly tortured vocals with 'Icarus Lives'. 'Totla Mad' is frantic and dishevelled and chorus of disharmony and contra rhythm whilst 'Ow my feelings' reminds us of how we've all felt in a dark rampage of decayed guitar and superb bass. The drums are also a master class in providing a solid foundation with some very talented work without ever getting overbearing.

The penultimate track 'Zyglrox' has that progressive metal feel to it again, and it's nice that every track in a surprise and a work of art on its own. 'Racecare' is gently beautiful and also harshly uncompromising, as song lullaby intro dives headlong into an insanely gorgeous metal melody. They say if the first song of an album is good and the last song is good then anything in the middle doesn't matter - these guys clearly never heard that, for every track, every single track is stand alone fantastic. An awesome debut album, by a very awesome band!


01. Insomnia
02. The Walk
03. Letter Experiment
04. Jetpacks Was Yes
05. Light
06. All New Materials
07. Buttersnips
08. Icarus Lives
09. Totla Mad
10. Ow My Feelings
11. Zyglrox
12. Racecar


Misha Mansoor - Guitars
Spencer Sotelo - Vocals
Alex Bois - Guitar
Tom Murphy - Bass
Matt Halpern - Drums
Jake Bowen - Guitar

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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