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Uriah Heep EssenLichtburg, Essen, Germany
12th September 2022
Uriah Heep - 50th Anniversary Tour 2022

One of the oldest cinemas in Germany is located in the centre of Essen. For years, the location has also been used by renowned stars as a venue for concerts. On this day, many fans of good Heavy Rock gathered to see a legend of the genre. URIAH HEEP, who have been playing at the top since the 70s, celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Lichtburg.

Music & Performance
On a large screen above the stage, anniversary greetings were given by well-known artists from the music industry. Video messages were left by ALICE COOPER, Midge Ure (ULTRAVOX, VISAGE), Francis Rossi (STATUS QUO), Ian Andeson (JETHRO TULL) or also Paul Stanley (KISS). After the video messages, URIAH HEEP came on stage and sat on bar stools. The band started their acoustic set with the song ‘Circus’. With the song ‘Come Away Melinda’, singer Bernie Shaw sang a cover version of Harry Bellafonte from the comfort of his stool. He was accompanied by the versatile keyboarder Phil Lanzon. With the triple of songs ‘The Wizard’ / ‘Paradise’ / ‘Circle of Hands’ some mood raised in the cinema. Until then, most of the audience had been sitting in their cinema seats, but then stood up and celebrated their old heroes. When the first chords of ‘Lady In Black’ sounded, the last ones rose from their seats.

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After eight songs the band left the stage for a break and the fans could have a drink or buy new t-shirts at the merchandise booth in the foyer. With a gong, the audience was asked to go back into the hall because shortly after the second part of the concert of URIAH HEEP started. The second part started again with a video on the big screen. This time - after the curtain came down - a large stage was revealed which was much more colourful than at the beginning. Here, drummer Russell Gilbrook and Phil Lanzon with his keyboard had enough space for their tools. Concert clips and private backstage recordings of the band from the last years were shown. Finally the singer could move and use the space sufficiently. Guitarist Mick Box, the only one who has been with the band since its inception, stayed more on the left side of the stage and played his brilliant part. Russell Gilbrook seemed much more agile here, whirling around behind his drums and looking like a jumping frog.

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Keyboardist Phil Lanzon often seemed to want to do magic with his arms, but the sounds he produced were appropriate. Behind the bass guitar was the youngest member of the band with 54 years age, Davey Rimmer. The gaunt man stayed more in the background, but was definitely an important part in the overall work. After 27 songs and more than two hours of power play on stage, the gentlemen said goodbye, visibly happy. The band showed that even at an older age you can still rock the stage and animate an audience to rock. My greatest respect! /

-Set 1: Acoustic show-
01. Circus
02. Tales
03. Free Me
04. Come Away Melinda (Harry Belafonte cover)
05. Waters Flowin’
06. Confession / Rain
07. The Wizard / Paradise / Circle of Hands
08. Lady in Black
-Set 2: Electric show-
09. Against the Odds
10. The Hanging Tree
11. Traveller in Time
12. Between Two Worlds
13. What Kind of God
14. Stealin’
15. Rainbow Demon
16. Too Scared to Run
17. Wise Man
18. Sweet Lorraine
19. Return to Fantasy
20. Sunrise
21. Bird of Prey
22. Falling Under Your Spell
23. Free ‘n’ Easy
24. July Morning
25. Grazed by Heaven
26. Gypsy
27. Easy Livin’

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

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