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Artist: Waiting for Words
Title: The Curve EP
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 15th January 2010
Label: Foundry Records

Album Review

French formation WAITING FOR WORDS was founded in 1990 and during 20 years of its existence it managed to play numerous concerts, shared the stage with DE/VISION and ONETWO and released a lot of albums and the latest effort, 6 tracks EP ‘The Curve’ came out on the British label Foundry Records. The band’s style just can’t be described as mere Synthpop: the musicians do not only follow canons of the genre but also carry in their individuality and originality, which maybe, is the most significant part as the compositions are getting more vivid and heartfelt.

Actually the first track already demonstrates brilliantly these features and here the light, imperceptible atmosphere of melancholy that appears at the beginning generally flows into a bit more measured, rhythmic melody without losing its elegance. The rich sound seems to be rather fresh and expressive while somewhat aloof vocals bear a shade of slight gloominess. The next song is more energetic and powerful but at the same time mellow and tuneful. Actually all the compositions are very interesting and impressive but on the other hand the music is a bit viscous and not too dynamic yet it’s not a serious shortcoming so far.

The best track on the CD, in my opinion, is instrumental ‘A.M.D.’ which combines depth and smoothness besides the remixes deserves a special attention as they are of high quality and just pleasant to listen to. On whole the album turns to be definitely good and versatile and may interest all lovers of Synthpop and similar styles.


01. The Curve – 4:35
02. For All My Sins – 4:20
03. By Your Side – 4:18
04. A.M.D. (Analog Music in the Dark) – 2:20
05. Cause I Do Believe (Creature Extended Remix) – 6:58
06. The Curve (People Theatre Hang on Club Radio Mix) – 5:18


ZeN – Vocals, Instruments
Gregory – Live Keyboards
V – Form – Live Visuals

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Music: 8
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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