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Lamb Of GodEssigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
19th June 2019
Lamb Of God - European Tour 2019 - Support: Bleed From Within

LAMB OF GOD have existed for almost three decades and have been among the most important US representatives of progressive Heavy Metal since the turn of the Millennium. This summer they are visiting Germany between June 19th and July 1st for three concerts in Cologne, Bochum and Frankfurt.

Unlike many of their colleagues, the quintet from Richmond / Virginia can’t be pinned down to any special style. Rather, the creative development of powerful Rock music is at the centre of their work. More than two million records sold in the USA alone, four Grammy nominations in the category ‘Best Metal Performance’, numerous top positions in the annual best lists of the trade press as well as the Billboard chart entry into the Top 3 of her last three studio albums so far ‘Wrath’ (2009), ‘Resolution’ (2012) and ‘VII: Sturm und Drang’ (2015) speak for themselves.

Around the 20th anniversary of their debut album ‘Burn The Priest’, LAMB OF GOD released the album ‘Legion: XX’ as BURN THE PRIEST at the end of last year. The album contains cover versions of bands that have always had a strong influence on the musicians. For years there has been no stopping the success of the formation, which consciously repositions itself between the numerous metal genres. Also responsible for this are their intensive concerts. The routine of almost 30 years of stage experience together with the pronounced need for innovation and further development make every LAMB OF GOD show an event to behold. This of course also applies to the shows this summer where they performed some cover songs from their current album ‘Legion: XX’ in addition to their own songs. BLEED FROM WITHIN was a perfect warm-up for the concert.

Bleed From Within

  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_001_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_002_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_003_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_005_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_014_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_016_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_021_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_025_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_029_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_031_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_035_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_042_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_045_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_046_RoD_midRes
  • Bleed_From_Within_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_047_RoD_midRes /

01. Afterlife
02. Cast Down
03. (Unknown)
04. Crown of Misery
05. Gatekeeper
06. Alone in the Sun
07. Ruina
08. Alive

Lamb Of God

  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_001_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_002_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_003_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_004_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_006_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_007_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_008_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_009_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_010_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_011_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_013_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_014_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_015_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_016_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_017_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_018_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_019_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_022_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_023_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_025_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_026_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_027_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_028_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_029_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_030_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_031_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_032_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_033_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_035_RoD_midRes
  • Lamb_Of_God_-_Essigfabrik_Köln_-_19._Juni_2019_-_036_RoD_midRes /

01. Omerta
02. Ruin
03. Walk With Me in Hell
04. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
05. As the Palaces Burn
06. 512
07. Engage the Fear Machine
08. Blacken the Cursed Sun
09. Hourglass
10. Descending
11. Still Echoes
12. Laid to Rest
13. Redneck

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All pictures by Keke Dombrowski

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