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Agent Side GrinderZentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen, Germany
16th April 2017
Kalte Sterne Festival with Agent Side Grinder, The KVB, Qual and Schonwald

After the grandiose start at Easter 2016, Easter 2017 presented the second edition of the Kalte Sterne Festival in Frankfurt / Main and Oberhausen. The line-up presented four bands, headliner of the evening was AGENT SIDE GRINDER with one of the last shows in their current line-up. SCHONWALD opened the evening and enchanted with a mix of Darkwave, Dream-Pop and Shoegaze. The duo from Italy brought gloomy melodies with ingratiating melancholic keyboard and guitar sounds on the stage.

QUAL as next band is the solo project of William Maybelline from LEBANON HANOVER. Nightmare visions, desperately in a frowning black tower of pain, were processed here. As third band of the night, THE KVB combined gothic, abstract themes with a love for shoegaze guitars and minimal synth sound. Setlist: 01. White Walls / 02. Night Games / 03. Fixation / 04. Always Then / 05. In Deep / 06. Awake / 07. Into the Night / 08. Never Enough / 09. Hands / 10. Dayzed

Headliner AGENT SIDE GRINDER played the second-last show in their for years known line-up. The band presented a special combination of post-punk and synth wave with a shot nostalgia, in the most positive sense, to transport the style of an era to the present. The powerful live performance with the charismatic presence of singer Kristoffer Grip was absolutely amazing and touching. Setlist: 01. Into the Wild / 02. Life in Advance / 03. Look Within / 04. Giants Fall / 05. Mag 7 / 06. For the Young / 07. This is Us / 08. Wolf Hour / Encores: 09. (Untitled) / 10. Die to Live

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