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kamelot tour2023Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
24th March 2023
Kamelot & Special guests: Myrath + Eleine + League of Distortion

KAMELOT serves progressive, melodious and grandiose Metal to starving Norwegian fans! The Symphonic Metal masters in KAMELOT who just released their new album ‘The Awakening’ one week before the show. The band aims for new heights, still with its well-known signature intact: dark, melancholic and aggressive Metal with soul-nourishing melodies, as if they painted the soundtrack of a monumental and epic film.

The Florida band has a unique history with Sentrum Scene in Oslo, and has played there a number of times over the past 15 years. On Friday 24 March they finally return yet again. MYRATH, ELEINE and LEAGUE OF DISTORTION will be joining them as special guests!

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Doors: 19:00
Start: tbc
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