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bosshoss klaffenbach2024Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz, Germany
21st July 2024
The Bosshoss - “Twenty F**Kung Years” - Very Special Guest: Kiefer Sutherland

Yeehaw! People, polish your boots, grab your leather jackets and get ready for a fantastic anniversary year with Germany’s most successful and popular urban cowboys: THE BOSSHOSS are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and are going to have a blast. It’s hard to believe, but the most famous Country Rock stars have been firmly in the saddle of success for two decades.

Live on stage, THE BOSSHOSS are a unique, phenomenal experience - energetic, rousing, mind-blowing. When the seven charismatic capital cowboys, especially the two frontmen Alec “Boss Burns” Völkel and Sascha “Hoss Power” Vollmer, are on stage, not only die-hard country fans but also Rock’n’Roll fans get their money's worth. In the finest western Rock’n’Roll style, they transform concert halls and open-air venues into gigantic Rock parties from the first note – that’s entertainment at its best. Regardless of whether it’s cover versions like ‘Word Up’, ‘Jolene’ or their own compositions like ‘Don’t Gimme That’, ‘Dos Bros’ or ‘Do It’ - what THE BOSSHOSS want is fun and an unforgettable time - together with their fans. Each of their sweaty shows comes with a great light and spectacular stage show and lets you clearly feel the unbroken passion and enormous joy of playing of the passionate rockers. Above all, it is their authenticity paired with the unmistakable rough charm that sweeps their audience away - since “Twenty F**Kung Years”!

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 17:15
Start: 18:45
Tickets: can be bought for 59.75 + charges (pre-sale) via Eventim
Facebook Event:

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