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anne clark klaffenbach2024Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz, Germany
19th July 2024
Anne Clark - “A Summer’s Night Together - Best Of” - Special Guest: Livia Kojo Alour

ANNE CLARK and her musicians are looking forward to spending a summer evening with you and performing some of their best known and other pieces against the beautiful backdrop of the Wasserschloss Klaffenbach. LIVIA KOJO ALOUR will be there as a special guest. ANNE CLARK is one of the great icons of the encounter between literature and music. Her work with the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke is exemplary. Her popular hits ‘Our Darkness’ and ‘Sleeper in Metropolis’ have burned themselves into the psyche of probably half of the 50+ generation in Germany.

There is much more to say about ANNE CLARK. Her work is extensive (books, radio plays, films, albums, singles, DVDs, historical concerts). Her constantly evolving musical work has created the soundtrack for the lives of her fans over the past 40 years. Anne’s 2020 tour was supposed to be her first in four years. When she learned of her cancer diagnosis, she had to cancel the tour. She beat cancer as best she could and performed in Germany in August 2022 for a short series of dates, all of which sold out well in advance, including the Passionskirche (Berlin), the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg) and the Christuskirche (Bochum), as well as concerts in Bremen and two back-to-back concerts in Braunschweig. Anne was thrilled by the enthusiasm of her audience and is ready to muster the energy for another tour.

ANNE CLARK is considered not only a great poet and icon of music history, but also a pioneer of spoken word art. Always striving to set new standards with her performances, ANNE CLARK always remained a rebel in some ways - albeit in a modest way. One who, inspired by the burgeoning Post-Punk scene, was already shaking up the British New Wave and Electronic scene in the late 1970s together with David Harrow and John Foxx. The British artist has been on stage for 40 years and has undergone a musical transformation of the highest level: from tracks from the New Wave and Punk scene to soothing sounds that immerse you in a parallel world, everything is there. In a unique way, ANNE CLARK recites poems from her own hand or from the pen of well-known poets, which are then accompanied by rousing music.

Clark took the stage in the 80s to the sounds of Punk and has lost none of her verve since. Her hits ‘Our Darkness’ and ‘Sleeper In Metropolis’ became very well known in Germany. Today, her words touch the audience while at the same time they encounter sounds that seem to come from another world. This artist’s greatest talent is a voice that goes to the core and gives meaning to the words. Whether you remember songs like ‘Sleeper in Metropolis’, are still in the ANNE CLARK Synaesthesia mentality or are embarking on a journey through ‘Borderland’, it doesn’t matter. Seeing Clark live on stage is an opportunity not to be missed. In 2023, ANNE CLARK and her semi-acoustic band will offer an evening full of mystical sounds and a voice that gently recites the most wonderful poems. At an ANNE CLARK concert, you are guaranteed to lose yourself in the music and immerse yourself in strange worlds. The Londoner is an artist you have to experience!

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Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:30
Tickets: can be bought for 51.45 + charges (pre-sale) via Eventim
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